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Who leads our ignorance into the spacious claoom and teaches us rich knowledge? Your teacher, with the sweat of hard work, creatively nurtures the tender seedlings in spring, whose mischievous education can help others like a considerate person? Your concern warms our heart like the spring breeze, so that our young people can grow into a mature and sensible young teacher Let's protect you to grow up healthily in the cool autumn season and produce fruitful results. Your hardworking teachers, who work hard in the heat of summer, have no dedicated youth. We give you the highest respect for your hard work, teachers.

I can only help teachers here. If you are in the spring in the drizzle, moisten in the flowers, irrigate the earth, and we are in the drizzle Sucking auxin, teacher, if you fall down in a little wind, blowing loess, the call of rice, and our harvest fruit, teacher in my dark life road is your place, I light a lamp, teacher that I am on the road of life, you did me, I used to be a teacher in Yinlu, I died on the road of life for you, I pointed out the way forward, teacher, You give me a pair of powerful wings, let me in the knowledge world anywhere.




Hello everyone, my name is Li. It's a great honor to have this opportunity. I believe I can make a good performance today.

I will briefly introduce myself. I am a senior in Guangdong University. My major is English.

In the past four years, I will get a bachelor's degree after graduation in June. I spent most of my time studying Xi, easily passed the CET-4 and CET-6, and gained the basic theory and practical knowledge of language. I partited in several speech competitions held in Beijing, which fully demonstrated our professional advantages.

I visited some large factories and companies. Through this competition, I have a deeper understanding of the application of English than developed countries. Although our packaging industry is still underdeveloped, chaotic and unstable, and the situation of employees in this field is also very bad, I am confident of its bright future.

As long as our economy can maintain the growth rate, I think what you may do to me I'm interested in choosing this job. I'm interested to tell you that this job is one of my lifelong goals. If I can work here, I will try to learn my character.

I can't describe it well, but I know I'm optimistic and confident. Sometimes I prefer to be alone, read and listen to music, but I'm not lonely, because I like to chat with my classmates, almost all my favorite things In college life, whether playing volleyball, playing cards or surfing the Internet, I learned how to balance learning and entertainment. I used to be an actor in our magic drama club.

On the stage, I have some glorious memories, which is my pride.




I am a very good person. I hope to make new friends. I hope I can travel around the world.

I want to keep my . I don't like to be bound. I like simple children regardless of their ideas or actions.

They always get along well. I like nature, straightforwardness, and don't make corners. I like nature and simple girls.

I like walking. A man takes five or six hours Even if you are tired, you will feel very happy.



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