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Denny Boyle in Slumdog Millionaire has come up with some interesting films. Of course, he defines himself as an above average person. His achievements in Slumdog millionaire go beyond the boundary between inspiration and miracle, and awaken an emotional connection.

What great movies can convey may have changed, and These contents are more controversial, and perhaps closer to reality, and will surely take us to a foreign place, teaching us that our world is beyond our highways, and we have a limited understanding of how we will deal with more than half of the world's population, plot flashbacks and India's "who wants to be" without telling us the story of the two brothers' lives "For the millionaire" eode, the story first introduces a brother, as a very powerful interrogator, to find out whether he is true to some knowledge, possibly related to the game. When he answers questions, we find that the young man's life story may be more interesting than we originally expected. There is a sense of freshness in the way the story is presented.

When we accompany Jamal through his life's Odyssey, from a child in a slum to a person who is determined to save the people he loves, there are some strong emotions in the film. Boyle's director makes the film full of vitality, so that you are ready to be surpassed by various emotions, such as happiness, pity, happiness Anger, disgust, surprise, an exhilarating conclusion rarely seen in movies, which makes me grateful for being alive. We still have people like Boyle in the movies who understand the power and beauty of media.

He knows that the perfect combination of a great story and its respective images can evoke unforgettable memories in the audience.




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