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/Dear Mr. / MS, I want to be an exchange student in your school. I want to apply for this program.

My name is Li Hua. Now I am in class 2, grade 9. My listening and speaking ability is very good in the class.

Our English teacher often praises my English ability. I am very interested in British culture. My parents and I have traveled to Europe, and the UK has left a good impression on me.

In the end, I have a good impression on the English language I love everything in this country. As far as my personality is concerned, I am an open-minded boy with good interpersonal relationship. Therefore, as mentioned above, I will thank you.

I am an exchange student. I look forward to your early reply to your sincerity, Li Hua.




Those students who do well in school are often called "top students". They are praised by other students, teachers and parents. Although most of us are ordinary students with average intelligence, to be honest, he or she never wanted to be a top student.

Many people think that top students are gifted, but according to my observation, top students are just ordinary students. They have the following characteristics: top students seem to have clear and specific life goals. They know what they want and will never give up any difficulties they encounter in the next step.

Top students seem to have good learning habits, listen to the teacher carefully in class and actively answer the teacher's questions The top students seem to have a wide range of interests. They are engaged in a variety of activities. Therefore, they are excellent in other aspects.

I am also determined to be a top student. I will take the top students as my rote example, and try to understand them and learn from them.





The bed series products can be used as beds for sitting or recuperation of patients in medical units and sanatoriums. They are generally composed of bed, bed head, tail and enclosure. The head and tail of the bed are made of square tube wrapped with carpenter board, and the contour of the face is taken to rotate and shake the discount sickbed.

The shape of the bed body should be neat and the surface should be flat, without air cooling, hair stabbing, scar formation and other defects There should be no Chinese seam with sunburn, cold crack and leakage, and the matching between the bed (bed frame) and the bed frame should be able to change with each other and be convenient for loading and unloading. A) the bed surface should be provided with sufficient ventilation holes or a certain grid shaped partition board. B) the bed surface should have enough strength, which can be used as the bed surface to bear the weight of kg The bed (bed frame) with permanent deformation should have enough strength, and the bed should be placed on the clean ground with bollards.

The bollard should be lifted automatically. The locking handle should rotate clockwise, and the back frame and leg frame will rise. The falling handle can be folded and lifted when no response is needed.

The handle should be lifted by force and should not be greater than NSM When adjusting the file time, the chute should be accurate and reliable without sliding. The foot guard device of the hospital bed should be firmly assembled with the foot of the bed without loosening and falling off. The shell should have sufficient strength, be used firmly and reliably, and be convenient for installation and disassembly.

After the shell is installed, other functions of the sickbed can not be affected.



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