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关于”礼仪方面的题目“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Etiquette issues。以下是关于礼仪方面的题目的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Etiquette issues

"Kong Rong lets pear" is a familiar story when he was four years old. Kong Rong is admirable because he knows how to be humble, how to live, how to make people happy, and that the happiness of others is his greatest happiness. Although he is still a four-year-old child, his spirit makes people admire life more than those who admire life more.

With full words, he can only say and do not do it a hundred times This matter will be praised by later generations, because when Kong Rong was four years old, he did moral etiquette. If a person with a high literacy rate but does not understand etiquette, he is also a useless person in society, because morality can often make up for the defect of wisdom, but wisdom can not fill the moral defect. A person with culture and no boast, compared with a person without self-cultivation and morality, will be like Xuanyongguang said that "no morality, is a dog without knowledge, no morality, is abandoned, neither knowledge nor moral knowledge of moral introspection thought, is" killed "civilized etiquette, as a middle school student, not do things in a short time, we are not a child, we know, the truth is also more and more, even more than the number of adults, i.e We should know the law, love the motherland, respect teachers and treat people politely.

In this way, life is full of etiquette. We should not only do civilized etiquette in one aspect, but also in school, family, public places and other aspects. We should not forget the etiquette.

Civilized etiquette does not depend on one person. That is, we rely on you, a collective, as long as we abide by etiquette and morality Then the world will become more beautiful and harmonious.




Dance is a kind of performing art, which uses the body to complete various elegant or difficult movements, usually accompanied by music. Rhythmic movements are the main means of artistic expression. It usually relies on music and other props / dance itself, and has a variety of social significance and functions, including sports, social intercourse / courtship, sacrifice, etiquette, etc Celebration and entertainment play an important role.

Dance originated from the slave society and formed its own characteristics in the Qin and Han Dynasties.




Etiquette is the standard of etiquette civilization that a nation develops and inherits under specific historical conditions and geographical environment. It is a kind of culture, which embodies the symbol of Chinese and Western culture. In terms of appellation, it complements each other.

In five aspects, the lady first shows the different manners of thinking and values of different nationalities, which is the root of Western etiquette culture The "different" approach to the differences in Western etiquette culture, understanding and respecting the differences, exploring the interoperability of etiquette culture, will help to improve the sensitivity to cultural differences and to themselves, thus improving the flexibility of cultural communication efficiency.



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