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关于”背后的故事“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The story behind it。以下是关于背后的故事的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The story behind it

Every day, we go to work hoping to do two things: share delicious coffee with friends and help the world become a little better. It's true. When the first Starbucks opened in, it's the same today.

At that time, the company was just a store in Seattle's historic pike market. Starbucks provided some of the best freshly roasted whole bean coffee in the world Inspired by Moby Dick, the name evokes the romance of the high seas and the maritime tradition of early coffee merchants (Starbucks chairman, President and CEO), Howard Schultz Schultz) from the first cup of Sumatra, he walked into a Starbucks store for the first time. Howard was attracted to Starbucks a year later, and then joined.

A year later, in, Howard went to Italy and was fascinated by the romance of Italian coffee shops and coffee experience. He had a vision to bring the tradition of Italian Cafe back to the United States and become a place of conversation and community awareness. In a third place between work and family, he left Starbucks for a short time to start his own business, IL Giornale cafe, and bought back Starbucks in August with the help of local investors.

From the beginning, Starbucks has become a unique company, not only celebrating coffee and rich traditions, but also bringing a sense of connection. Our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup, one block at a time.


每天,我们上班都希望能做两件事:与朋友们分享美味的咖啡,帮助世界变得更好一点这是真的,当第一家星巴克在年开业的时候,今天也是如此,当时的公司只是一家位于西雅图历史悠久的派克市场的一家商店,星巴克提供了一些世界最好的新鲜烤全豆咖啡这个名字的灵感来自于白鲸,它唤起了公海的浪漫和早期咖啡商人的航海传统(星巴克董事长、总裁兼首席执行官)霍华德·舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)从第一杯苏门答腊第一次走进一家星巴克店,霍华德被吸引进了星巴克一年后加入,一年后,年,霍华德去了意大利,对意大利咖啡馆和咖啡体验的浪漫着迷,他有一个愿景,要把意大利咖啡馆的传统带回美国,成为一个交谈和社区意识的地方。在工作和家庭之间的第三个地方,他离开星巴克很短一段时间,开始了自己的事业Il Giornale咖啡馆并于8月在当地投资者的帮助下重新购买星巴克。从一开始,星巴克就开始成为一家与众不同的公司,不仅庆祝咖啡和丰富的传统,而且还带来了一种联系感,我们的使命是激励和培育人类精神——一个人,一杯一杯,一次一个街区。


The number of the shirt normally assigned to the starting goalkeeper is traditionally assigned to the team number of the right back. The number of the defensive player's shirt assigned to the right back is usually worn by the left back. The number of the defensive player 7 covering the left front is traditionally assigned to the right wing or right midfield 7 The 9-9 shirt number is usually assigned to the most talented scorer in the team.

Traditionally, it is assigned to the most skilled player in the team, usually in the offensive midfield or forward position, and the traditional winger number is assigned to the left.


C7通常分配给首发守门员的球衣号码传统上分配给右后卫的队号,分配给右后卫的防守球员球衣号码通常是左后卫穿的,覆盖左边锋的防守球员7球衣号码传统上分配给右翼或右中场7 9球衣号码通常分配给球队中最有才华的得分手球衣号码传统上分配给球队中最有技巧的球员,通常在进攻型中场或前锋位置,传统的边锋号码被分配到左边。


In a grassland in the East, there live a group of white horses. They are the descendants of Tianma. They are strong, beautiful, loyal and brave.

They have lived a happy life. But one day, with a loud noise, the grass and trees withered, and the wise and the elders could not find the root of the problem. A pony named pony had a bright prospect for the outside world.

He begged the elder that he would go out and seek salvation But just as he left his homeland, he was kidnapped by a bad monkey named snooker to a racecourse in Las Vegas. He thought he was the most powerful agent in the world. He didn't get any ranking because he was arranged to eat some detergent.

His performance disappointed his master. He was whipped by his master and couldn't get any food feeders. One was webby The little boy, secretly saved him running, and then they became good friends.

After pony met a friendly and pure Messi and a vain man named Polya, a lot of things happened. There is a beautiful mare named rich, who lives in the luxurious rob circus in Las Vegas. They dream of meeting a prince and a dissolute prince in one day.

The pony comes in. Richie suddenly rushes to the pony and thinks that he is her prince. Suddenly, he feels that the pony does not get more benefits, so he harasses pony and rich again and again He sold the ponies to the richest leader in Arabia, but his faith in saving the grassland has never changed.

The monkey and the Arab were moved by his insistence on being left alone. He helped Ma find Dr. Amen, who won the Nobel Prize in biology.

He was the most talented person to save the grassland. The Arabian bought them for one million dollars and brought them to the grassland by helicopter a month later On the grass, the grassland has grown into new grass. However, Tianma people don't have the energy they used to have.

They like to sleep. The reason is that the housekeeper Amen is fake and is really locked in the pony under the room. Many people save Amen.

The grassland has been saved. It is no longer isolated as before. It has become more open.

The beautiful pony and rich are living a happy life together. The friendship between white horse and human beings continues.




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