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Life is short, time is short, they say that no one can master life, death and death happen at any time, anyone is at this time, we usually think there is enough time, that is why we indulge in various activities, it is a waste of time, ticking forward, just like ants busy hands moving, they always They don't take up a minute in their spare time. They just start another round of journey. Instead of walking for a minute unconsciously, they always focus on the smaller goal, that is, one minute, and the clock will achieve even more Big goal that's why there are fewer watches.

The pointer takes several times an hour to achieve the goal. Fortunately, if most people enter a small goal, the pointer must move several times in an hour. In life, we never realize that we have a lot of things to do.

In the middle of it, we always have enough time to complete some minor tasks. For example, when you're at a railway station, you can learn from reading magazines or from an exam escape plan while traveling. You have enough time the past few days to browse through the Notepad column with the same continuous clock ticking, because one person is in a different environment to learn new knowledge.

This detailed knowledge and experience will help you achieve greater future goals, such as: time and opportunities If this is true, things will not float on the surface, more effective use of time less embellishment (∩∩) O.




My little clock. I have a good friend. This is my little clock.

It has a round face on its face. It has three hands, one short and the other two long. It has no arms, but it can turn around.

It has no feet, no legs, but it can walk all day. OK, it has no eyes, no ears, no mouth, but it can talk to me. Can you hear the tick tock every morning It can wake me up on time and tell me, "Hey, it's time to get up and go to school." I like this little clock very much.




The importance of time, they said that life and death are not in anyone's hands, they are just things that happen every time, everyone is the same. Most of the time, we take it for granted that there is always a lot of time. Maybe we indulge in various activities, which is a great waste of time.

The clock is always ticking, and the seconds are ticking. Just like busy ants, ants are always busy looking for food. In the same way, the seconds always tick and tick to reach the one minute milestone, creating a short-term goal of one minute with the tick.

The clock does not rest, but starts another round of ticking. They inadvertently reach a quarter of an hour, hour after day, one minute at a time. They always focus on the smaller goal, that is, one minute, and the larger goal of the clock itself is achieved That's why the minute hand must work less.

Because the second hand does most of its work around the minute hand, it only needs to move on the clock dial. The hour hand is the luckiest. It only needs to move a few times in an hour, but the second hand rotates around the dial several times in the same hour, parallel to this.

In our life, we never realize that we have a great deal between each big task There are many things to do. If you wait for the train at the station, we can always find enough time to deal with a large number of small tasks. You can read a magazine while you are traveling by bus, or, more precisely, write down your study schedule so that you can find enough time to at least browse the notes of the previous days.

Just like a clock, you keep ticking to get involved in all kinds of things and learn something new. These little knowledge and experience modules may take you to achieve bigger goals one day. One day, they will say, "time and age wait for no one".

If so, don't stare at the screen now, but make effective use of your time.




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