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关于”上册生日“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Volume I birthday。以下是关于上册生日的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Volume I birthday

Yesterday was Jack's shopping day. He and his mother went shopping. They went to happy store.

They bought some sweets. They bought a roll of toilet paper. They bought a box of ice cream in Mr.

Chen's shop. They bought a bottle of shampoo and a pair of socks in Uncle Eddie's shop. They went to the big blue department store and bought a toy car.

They were very happy.




Today, my mother was very busy. She asked me to go shopping. She gave me a shopping list and money.

I went to the supermarket and bought a roll of toilet paper, a cake, a large bottle of milk, and two pairs of socks. I put them in my schoolbag because the plastic bags are not good for the environment. I'm happy to go shopping.

I'm glad I can help my mother.




I love birthdays. I love to make a fuss. A big gesture x can't understand.

It's about growing up. I think: his parents will give him something without even packaging. At some point in a few months after the date, I'm sure they don't know when, for me, birthday means surprise, party, over excitement The children blow out the candles on the sponge cake like pencil marks on the wall.

They are the pillar of your family ceremony. Birthday is also a way to make up for the failure of the past few months. Whether it is felt or real, we have no appetite to immerse ourselves in our own pain in the last round.

X and I put the boys' birthday party together in a soft game center A rapidly accelerating afternoon, a Swiss Roll with a candle in it, which is hardly the material of a tragic memoir, but it makes me very sad now a year has passed and the birthday season is coming. As an independent family, the boys' birthdays are together for the first time. It feels like a milestone.

I want to do it on the basis of my normal birthday fixed, I know The past few weeks have been very difficult for the children, and I'm not yet the mother of the year: I'm not making any progress in finding a new job, which makes me feel silly, I'm still injured and shocked in the accident, I'm very irritable, I cry a lot, I see a naked worried look, and feel powerless to eliminate it it's his youngest birthday, He took the first one after his father: he wasn't really bothered, he loved gifts, of course, but there was no need for me - or his brother's - to turn the day into a basby Berkeley musical with a firework finale - even so, I was determined to do well to create new family rituals that he would be at X's on his birthday morning, mine at night We said we would have dinner together and agree who would give him a present in preparation for this important day, I took out a firm weekly cake book for women and asked him for his opinion, "so you want a robot, a spider train, which cake do you want? I don't think I'm good at Great Wall castle, but I'll try it" he frustrated my ambition. "I just want a plain one Are you sure? He pouted his lips and thought, "OK." I think he was teasing me, and I pushed him further, and then he chose something for his birthday dinner, which he had every week, and I admired how much he was. In fact, he was one of those kids who wanted calculators and toothbrushes at Christmas.


我喜欢生日我喜欢大惊小怪,一个盛大的手势X不能理解这是关于成长的大惊小怪,我想:他的父母会毫不客气地递给他一些东西——甚至连包装都没有——在约会后几个月内的某个时候,我敢肯定他们不知道什么时候对我来说,生日意味着惊喜,派对,兴奋过度的孩子们吹灭海绵蛋糕上的蜡烛,就像墙上的铅笔记号,他们是你挂家庭仪式的支柱生日也是弥补过去几个月的失败的一种方式,不管是感觉上的还是真实的,我们都没有胃口在上一轮中沉浸在自己的痛苦中,我和X把男孩们的生日聚会放在一起,在一个软游戏中心里迅速加速的下午,一个插着蜡烛的瑞士卷,这几乎不是什么悲惨回忆录的素材,但这让我很难过 现在一年过去了,生日季节就要到了,作为一个独立的家庭,男孩们的生日第一次在一起,这感觉像是一个里程碑,我想在我正常的生日固定的基础上做这件事,我知道过去的几个星期对孩子们来说是非常艰难的,我现在还不算是年度母亲:我在找新工作方面没有取得任何进展,这让我觉得很傻,我仍然在事故中受伤和震惊我的脾气很急躁,我哭了很多我看到了一个赤裸裸的担心的眼神,并感到无力去消除它 这是他最小的生日,他采取了继他父亲之后的第一个:他不是真的烦恼他喜欢礼物,当然,但没有我-或者他哥哥的——需要把这一天变成巴斯比伯克利的音乐剧,再加上烟火的收尾曲——即便如此,我还是决心好好地做,去创造新的家庭仪式,在他生日的早晨他会在X家,我的在晚上我们说过我们会一起吃晚饭,同意谁给他送礼物 为了准备这个重要的日子,我拿出了一本坚定的女性每周蛋糕书,征求他的意见,“那么你想要一个机器人一个蜘蛛火车哪个蛋糕我觉得我不擅长城堡,但我会试试看” 他挫败了我的雄心壮志“我只想要一个朴素的方形蛋糕”;“你确定吗他撅起嘴唇想“好吧”我想他是在逗我,我进一步督促他,然后他选了一些东西作为生日晚餐,他每周都有,我很钦佩他是多么的事实上,他是那种圣诞节要计算器和牙刷的孩子之一。

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