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关于”电脑的功能“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Computer functions。以下是关于电脑的功能的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Computer functions

Personal computer (personal computer, designed in the form of desktop computer or notebook computer, is used for personal computer, and uses monitor and keyboard. Since the advent of the s, personal computer has become a powerful and widely used tool, which has completely changed the way people work, study and communicate. Many families in the United States now have personal computers because of their low price Personal computers are also an important part of information technology (it) and play a key role in the world's modern economy.

Through a small network connected to the Internet and the world wide web, as well as to a local computer or database, a personal computer can also be used to access content stored on compact discs (CDS) or digital versatile discs (DVD) and transfer files to personal media devices and video players. Personal computers are sometimes referred to as microcomputers or microcomputers with micro functions, which are specialized or technical Other names of workstations designed for use reflect the different roles of personal computers, including home computers and small business computers. Notebook computers are small and portable personal computers, which have many of the same functions as desktop computers, but the data storage capacity is reduced.

Netbooks are very small, very lightweight laptops that rely on Internet connections to execute most applications, rather than storage software. In general, personal computers are larger and more powerful than handheld computers, including personal digital assistants (PDAs) and game devices.





The computer will replace the human brain in the future. It will replace many functions of the intelligent computer brain, such as: storage and memory function, logical analysis function, mechanical operation function, and even mechanical creation function. In other words, intelligent computer can replace a person's second-hand thinking.

Even in this regard, it will develop better than men's second-hand thinking, and is bound to be panned out In the future, intelligent computers can be better "intelligent" or more "second-hand thinking" than you, but more advanced intelligent computers can never replace people. This is because people can practice skills thinking. This is a smart computer, and it is just relying on intelligent "programs".

No matter how smart "programs" are, they have fixed boundaries and skill thinking or full-dimensional thinking What fixed boundaries, not so comprehensive, this is "wisdom" more advanced computers, like some indirect ideas, "smart" rather than "wisdom".




Wikipedia on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia computer is a machine that operates data according to an instruction list. The first modern computer like device can be traced back to the middle of the century (although the concept of computer and various computer like machines existed in the early days, the early electronic computer was only the size of a large room, and the power consumption was equivalent to hundreds of modern personal computers. The modern computer was based on micro integrated circuits, and its function was millions to billions of times that of today Taking up only a small part of the space now, a simple computer may be small enough to fit into a watch and be powered by its battery.

Personal computers in various forms are the symbol of the information age and what most people think of as "computers". However, the most common form of computer used today is the embedded computer. Embedded computers are very small.

Simple devices used to control other devices, for example, may exist in machines ranging from fighter planes to industrial robots and digital cameras. Children's ability to store and execute a series of instructions makes the computer extremely versatile and combines it with computing In principle, any computer with a certain minimum ability can perform the same task as a computer, and any other computer can perform it. Therefore, the ability and complexity of computers, from personal digital assistants to supercomputers, can perform the same tasks in sufficient time and storage capacity Computing tasks.




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