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关于”介绍西游记“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Introduction to journey to the West。以下是关于介绍西游记的中考英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to journey to the West

The mention of journey to the West must be a segment that you really remember. I also took it out again and put it on the bookshelf. I couldn't put it down.

I ordered a cup of tea. Without turning a few pages, I followed the wonderful description of Wu Chengen's grandfather. In the twists and turns of journey to the west, it is one of the plots that attracts lifred.

I am very plot and Tang monk I was deeply impressed by the unique experience of master and apprentice. The author of this book tells readers about the dangerous situation of Luo Guanzhong, Tang Seng and other disciples. It is difficult for the Buddha to get a true crossing story along the way.

Journey to the West reveals a colorful world. People are surprised by all the rich and bold artistic imagination of gods and demons. Any literary work is one Social life as like as two peas in the west, the embodiment of the spirit of the west, is reflected in the fantasy world.

We can see in the real society that the four characters of Tang Seng, Sun Wukong, pig Ba Jie and Sha monk are different in nature. I don't admire this writer's superb skills. Maybe this writer is good at characterization, which is one of his subtleties.

My favorite is the monkey king, because his works are haunting and disappearing. He is a hero in my mind. He has a rebellious mentality in his body.

His spirit of bravery and bravery against powerful forces makes me feel like a hero I really appreciate the books written by Tang Seng. The sufferings of master and apprentice on August 1 remind me of their persistence and any difficulties. This indomitable spirit is really a spirit worth learning.

When I think about his half way, I can't help but sneer at why he doesn't like them to persist in the end. Maybe this is what I lack, but as long as I can do one thing from the beginning to the end, no matter whether I fail Or success, as long as I try to do, for me, is also a kind of success because of my success and adhere to the last.




Journey to the west, commonly known by Western readers as journey to the west, is a supernatural novel about a world full of fantastic inventions. In this novel, immortals and demons are constantly appearing, and began in a series of oral and written versions, and finally reached the most authoritative version written by Wu Chengen in, and published in the Yangtze region in the journey to the West It is divided into three parts: an early history of monkey spirit, which records the family and life before the Tibetan Scripture, mainly tells the story of the pilgrimage to the west, including the dangers and disasters encountered by the Tripitaka and his three animal spirit disciples, monkey, pig, and Sandy (the soul of a fish).




"Journey to the west" during the summer vacation, I spent a lot of time reading "one of the four famous works in China". Journey to the west is really an interesting book, which tells many adventure stories of TV series I have seen before. However, I find that this book is very interesting besides Adventure experience.

We can learn something from this book We are brave and confident. No matter how many difficulties we encounter, teamwork is very important to us. They are the people we can rely on.

Trust between people is very important. It can unite people and work together.



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