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关于”核武器立场“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Nuclear weapons position。以下是关于核武器立场的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Nuclear weapons position

Our sense of destiny today is not the fear of nuclear energy, but the fear of war. Nuclear weapons expand the mechanism of war by threatening to kill more people. It is more secret and terrifying than in the past.

Hiroshima's nightmare is a vivid memory. There is no way to outlaw the war. Therefore, the only choice is to maintain world peace through counterattack theory for nuclear weapons hidden somewhere, while developing nuclear weapons is for the purpose of energy supply.

This is a classic question of "survival or destruction".




The nuclear weapon effect clearance explosion is one of the most destructive weapons of mass destruction. To make this clear, one only needs to recall the picture of Hiroshima or the international disturbance caused by the accidental but huge radiation release at the Chernobyl nuclear power station. The pollution of Chernobyl nuclear power station is much greater than expected, which can be expected from the nuclear explosion of about KT on the ground, but to a certain extent Similar to the result of a large-scale nuclear war, in which more than ten kinds of weapons of nominal equivalent are exploded at a height designed to maximize the damage to the explosion.

The nuclear explosion produces a harsh environment including explosion, thermal pulse and neutron, X-ray and gamma ray, radiation, electromagnetic pulse (EMP and ionization of upper atmosphere, depending on the environment of nuclear device initiation, explosion effect) For example, ground impact, water impact, void, crater, a lot of dust and radioactive fallout will bring problems to the survival of friendly forces system, and may lead to the destruction or failure of enemy weapons. However, the EMP generated by detonating a single nuclear weapon at high altitude poses a threat to the military system thousands of miles away. This threat may be exploited by the third world countries.

It can carry a rocket carrying a high-yield device (about one million tons or more) into the upper atmosphere hundreds of kilometers away, thousands of kilometers away from the atmosphere (to avoid destroying its own territory) Self system.




From this cartoon, we can see clearly that a father talks with her son. When he hears his words, Dad, I'm a little worried about the disposal of nuclear weapons. The father replied, "if you can empty the garbage can here, you can do anything.

Dad, I'm a little worried about dealing with nuclear waste. If you can dump the garbage can, you can do anything we can You can see a father talking to his son in the illustration. He heard his son's words.

The father replied, "I'm a little worried about the disposal of nuclear weapons. If you can dump the garbage can here, you can do anything. Point to the garbage can beside him.

It's as interesting and ordinary as the voice of conversation. The father wants to persuade his son to do small things first, and then to do big things, Doing small things is the first step to success. By doing small things to do big things, we can accumulate experience, master skills, and cultivate ourselves to be more patient.

In the process of completing small things, we can be ready to meet challenges. On the contrary, those who want to do great things tend to feel frustrated because of disappointment, frustration and even failure, because when opportunities come, they are difficult to grasp them, because they lack experience, and confidence comes from doing small things. Now, If Aristotle doesn't know how to deal with small arms successfully, it's not only a small skill that Aristotle can do with small arms.



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