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A letter of advice dear freshmen, I, the undersigned, am a senior in the computer department of Peking University. I hope this will help you. First of all, the change of concept is the most important for the freshmen to adapt to the campus life in the middle school era.

We usually rely on the teachers and parents in our school. However, the life and Study on the campus of the university are very important Students are independent, which is essential for our psychological development. In my opinion, we'd better keep the idea of independence in mind at all times, and English learning is a must.

On the one hand, there is no CET-4 certificate. On the other hand, we can't get a degree when we graduate from University. On the other hand, English level is a decisive factor when we are looking for a job.

Therefore, I hope you can fully realize the necessity of learning English. Good luck, Li Ming.




As shown in the figure, there have been some significant changes / differences in recent years. The number / proportion is about XX, about XX in (/) / about XX in (/) / for it is not difficult for us to point out some factors that lead to the occurrence of the situation. This phenomenon is closely related to the rapid development of China's economy and the substantial improvement of people's living standards, and this change / difference is ultimately strengthened and promoted by better policies of the government.

This change is closely related to the change of people's life attitude and outlook on life Further development and gradual change of people's ideas will continue for decades in my opinion. This is a positive (negative) trend that should be encouraged (restricted, because it is not only beneficial to the individual, but also beneficial (harmful) to the whole society.


如图所示,近年来发生了一些显著的变化/差异,数量/比例约为xx,约为xx in(/)/约为xx in(/)/for 对于值得注意的情景,我们不难指出一些导致其发生的因素,这种现象与我国经济的快速发展和人民生活水平的大幅度提高密切相关,而这种变化/差异最终是由政府更好的政策所加强和推动的,这种变化与人们的生活态度和人生观的转变有很大关系,随着社会的进一步发展和人们观念的逐渐转变,这种现象在我看来必将持续几十年,这是一种积极(消极)的趋势,应该加以鼓励(限制,因为它不仅对个人有益,而且对整个社会都是有益的(有害的)。


One of the most important social developments is the impact of the baby boom in the s and s on schools, especially during the depression of the S. with the increasing prosperity brought about by the Second World War and the subsequent economic prosperity, one quarter of every thousand women aged 15 to 40 in the United States were born in The birth rate of their predecessors during the Great Depression rose to one in a thousand. Although the economy may be the most important determinant, this is not the only explanation for the baby boom.

People's attention to family values also helps to explain the birth rate The baby boomers began to pour into first grade in the mid-1950s, becoming a torrent of public school systems, and suddenly found themselves overburdened. Because of wartime and post-war conditions, these same conditions made schools less willing to deal with the food problem. The wartime economy meant that few new schools were built during this period.

In addition, during the war and the boom years that followed, a large number of teachers left their careers and went to higher paying jobs elsewhere in the economy. In the s and s, the baby boom hit an outdated and imperfect school system, so the words of guardianship in the s and early s no longer make sense for a person who can't find space and staff to educate five to sixteen years old It is no longer a high priority for institutions for children aged 16 and above to leave the labor market by sending them to school. Educators and laymen interested in education will inevitably shift their focus to lower grades, returning to basic academic skills and discipline.

The system is no longer interested in providing non-traditional, new and additional services to the elderly.



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