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Most people's lives are determined by their environment. They accept the environment: fate not only makes them surrender, but also has good will. They are like trams running on the track.

They despise the light and fast cars that rush in and out of the traffic flow and run so happily on the open ground. I think they are good citizens, good husbands, good fathers. Of course, some people have to pay taxes, but I don't think they are It's not exciting.

I am made up of people who have no conscience. They hold life in their own hands and seem to shape life into what they like. Maybe we don't have free will, but in any case, we have such an illusion: at the crossroads, we really feel that we should either go to the right or to the left, which has made it difficult for us to see that the historical process of the whole world has forced us to take the detour we have taken.





In life, each of us will face a variety of choices. In front of good and evil, we need to choose. There will be many choices in life.

We should carefully consider how to choose our life path. Don't regret because of your temporary differences. This is a harmonious society.

Life is fair and it will not change. If anyone makes a choice, you must face it When a man chooses justice, he will be grateful to his younger brother and say, "if someone asks me what is the happiest thing in my life, I must be proud to say to him that the happiest thing in my life is that I have made the right choice. I have become the incarnation of God, because there are words of justice written in every corner of my life.

Even if one day I stop breathing and I am underground, I have one Clear conscience when a person chooses to go to hell, the judge asks him whether he has repented. He may lose his way and say: "although I came here, I have the best food in the world, but I will still be here, enjoying this treatment." the judge will say to him, "you are just a dose of medicine I found in the death penalty." the corrupt officials finally repented "Although I have eaten delicious food and received a lot of gold and silver, it is useless, or I will die. In my life, I have done a" no "thing.

He shook his head and cried. It is too late. His head has fallen to the ground.

Yes, money can buy delicious food, protoplasm and brilliance. But money is not everything. MasterCard is always bought No noble soul, in our life, everyone should learn how to make a choice.

Time is not for you, for your life will not stay in change, then do your life choice, let your life in front of the beautiful more meaningful value and evil. At the same time, advance because we are a road to light, it is a road full of justice, it is not Smooth road, there will be smooth and rugged, but at least will leave your footprints, do not let you temporarily satisfied, regret life,: ":": ":".




(color of life) I like painting when I was very young. I painted the sky, the vast sea and the green forest. Although I still don't understand what color harmony is and how to express it with pen, I simply doubled my imagination of beautiful things.

At that time, the most beautiful dream was just sitting in the green grass, watching the blue sky, gnawing) yellow biscuits, playing the game of throwing handkerchief bit by bit, I grew up and became mature. It's just like the dark clouds in my life. It's just like the dark clouds in my life.

It's not a simple life for us to have a hard life We don't need to increase our troubles now. Of course, there is a brilliant sunshine waiting for us. Our life is unfolding itself calmly.

Fate and misfortune are the last color of life. You don't have to care too much. There is no need to hide ourselves.

Only when we open our arms to embrace the world around us, can we feel that life is so beautiful and sweet. You need to To paint the color of your life.



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