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关于”披萨的材料“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Ingredients for pizza。以下是关于披萨的材料的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Ingredients for pizza

Pisa farm food you've seen a pizza tree, a pizza slice grown in a pizza bush, but pizza is a food made up of products grown in Michigan. Your students will learn about the history of the food they care about, and they will find out how each ingredient is grown on the mitchgan farm. What we see in the field is ultimately steaming hot, which almost everyone loves Students will learn about the diversity of crops in Michigan and how crops are produced, processed, and the ingredients for making pizza.

They will learn about the geographical areas where crops are grown. They will learn about agriculture. This unit introduces the importance of agriculture in Michigan.




A hi, have you had lunch? B: No, I haven't. A: shall we have pizza? B: Well, pizza is my favorite food. I like it because you can eat pizza every day.

Every time it's different. A: my favorite pizza ingredients are Italian sausage, mushrooms, basil, Allicin. Let's go.




The history of pizza: the soul of Italy does not have many countries to say that their national cuisine has become an international phenomenon. There are two kinds of dishes in Italy, pasta and, of course, American pizza. Pizza is usually divided into two categories: one is Chicago style thick cheese pizza, the other is thin and traditional Italian New York Pizza.

There are two main types of pizzas: Italian pizzas and the rest of the world, which looks silly considering the basic ingredients, but once you try a real Italian pizza, you'll never feel the same way about this simple, delicious food. The most basic form of pizza is seasoned flat bread, which has a long history in the Mediterranean. Some cultures, including the Greeks and Phoenicians, ate a flat bread made of flour and water.

The dough will be placed on a hot stone and seasoned with vanilla. Greeks call it early pancakes, which are basically used when eating stews or soups Plate it's not the pizza we call it today, but it's very much like the modern fuchsia. These early pizzas were eaten from Rome to Egypt to Babylon, praised by the ancients, historians Herodotus and Cato the old The word "pizza" is believed to come from the Latin word pinsa, meaning flat bread (although there is much debate about the origin of the word, legend suggests that Roman soldiers, while stationed in Roman occupied Palestine, tasted Jewish mazot and developed a similar food when they returned home.

However, recent archaeological discoveries have found a well preserved Bronze Age pizza in the Veneto area. By the middle ages, these early pizzas began to take on a more modern look and taste. Farmers at that time made modern pizza dough from the very few ingredients they could get and sprinkled it with olive oil and vanilla.

The introduction of Indian buffalo gave pizza and masurila another dimension of cheese. Even today, the fresh mozzarella buffalo cheese used in Italian pizzas is irreplaceable, and other cheeses have appeared on pizzas (usually used with fresh mozzarella cheese). No Italian pizza shop will use so many American pizzas Dry chopping type.


披萨的历史:意大利的灵魂没有太多的国家可以说他们的民族菜已经成为一种国际现象意大利有两种这样的菜肴,意大利面,当然还有美国的披萨比萨通常分为两类:一类是芝加哥式的厚奶酪比萨,另一类是薄而传统的意大利纽约披萨。比萨也分为两大类:意大利披萨和世界其他地方,考虑到基本配料,这看起来很傻,但是一尝真正的意大利披萨,就这样,你永远不会对这种简单美味的食物有相同的感觉。比萨最基本的形式是调味的扁平面包在地中海有着悠久的历史,包括希腊人和腓尼基人在内的一些文化吃了一个由面粉和水做成的平头面包,面团将通过放置在一块热的石头上,然后用香草调味,希腊人称之为早期的薄饼,它基本上是用来当吃炖菜或浓汤时食用的盘子它还不是我们今天所说的披萨,但它非常像现代的福卡西亚这些早期的比萨从罗马到埃及到巴比伦都被食用,受到古人的赞扬历史学家希罗多德(herodotus)和老卡托(cato the elder),“披萨”(pizza)一词被认为来自拉丁语单词pinsa,意为扁平面包(尽管关于这个词的起源有很多争论,传说表明罗马士兵在驻扎在被罗马占领的巴勒斯坦时尝到了犹太人的马佐特,并在回家后开发了一种类似的食物。


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