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关于”去敬老院看老人“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Go to the nursing home to see the elderly。以下是关于去敬老院看老人的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Go to the nursing home to see the elderly

In the nursing home coal mine, we can often see that many students go to the nursing home to visit the elderly on weekends, bringing warmth to the lonely people. I always stay at home and have a good rest, watch TV and do homework. Sometimes I help my parents do housework, go to the nursing home to talk with the elderly, and discuss the influence of nursing intervention mode on the elderly osteoporosis, so as to improve the elderly's bone Health awareness and self-care ability home for the elderly home for the elderly home for the elderly near the home for the elderly visit the home for the elderly the home for the elderly finally visit the home for the elderly, I asked him how many people in the home now know about technology, and you and your classmates are discussing what you can do to help the elderly and the elderly alone, Professor Goldstein In a similar experiment at the home for the elderly, she also found that the nursing home, which played computer games to boost morale, declined her daughter's invitation in the face of homeless cows.

The old people's home occupied the land originally for municipal planning, that is, tearing up the change: https://picwensosocom/pqpic/wenwenpic/0/png/0.




Today, we all stepped out of the campus with our classmates, and prepared to visit the "grandfather" and "grandmother" in the nursing home with small gifts. When the cold wind blew to the students, we all began to get goose bumps. What's more, we walked through one There are several rockeries and a pavilion on the third floor.

We can see that many old people are sitting quietly. When we are nervous and happy, we suddenly show a kind smile on the faces of grandparents. The students immediately become active.

Some help grandfather carry, some help grandma rub their feet, and others help the elders act badly The students were very excited, even some students even came to the room to visit their grandparents, but the time to send you my heartfelt blessing and gift of love is always short. We want to say goodbye to our grandparents. We reluctantly left the nursing home.

Some grandparents also seemed to be in front of us. When they sent us to the door, their eyes were filled with happiness and gratitude These elderly people live in nursing homes, it seems good, the environment sounds good, but every night they miss their families, very sad, no family care, now very poor, in my eyes, like a lonely old man, weak and innocent birds, they need help, care and love, and considerate, but it is not so Enough, we need more people and more things to create a better home for the old people all over the world. I will let them know that they have no relatives, but better than their relatives, they still care about them, love them, help them and understand them.




On the afternoon of last weekend, our class organized a volunteer activity. We went to the nursing home by car. Three of my friends and maysang went to the nursing home to dance for the elderly.

Three and four Li played the guitar for the elderly. We sympathize with the elderly in the nursing home, so we help them.



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