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In modern society, the network is gradually emerging, and more and more people use the network to replace books and magazines. The difference between books and networks is reflected in the inconvenient recovery and query of book information, books are not free, newspapers need special journalists to create, but it is easy to restore on the Internet, the information on the Internet is almost free, anyone can express their feelings and ideas.




Your master will give justice and justice to your servants, for you know that you also have a master in heaven, who will always watch in prayer and pray for us in Thanksgiving, so that God may open a door to us and say the mystery of Christ, for which I am bound so that I may manifest myself as I should be. Speak wisely to those who have not made atonement. Let your words be always with grace tempered with salt, so that you may know how to answer each one.

Tychicus, my beloved brother, faithful servant, companion in the Lord, whom I have sent for the same purpose, that he may know your inheritance and comfort your hearts, and anesimus, a faithful and beloved brother among you, will tell you all that he has done here. Aristarchus, my prisoner, greets you and Barnabas son of Marcus' sister. If Barnabas came to you, he received him and Jesus, who were called Justus, circumcised men who were fellow workers of the kingdom of God, which was my comfort.

Epaphras, a servant of Christ, greets you, who always labors and prays earnestly for you, so that you may stand perfectly in all the will of God, for I have proved to him that he has a great man who is warm for you and for the people in Laodicea and in herapolis. Luke and dema, the beloved doctors, greet you, the brothers in Laodicea and nimpha, and The church in his house greets you. When this letter is read among you, so that it may also be read in the Church of Laodicea.

In the same way, you shall also read this letter. And Laodicea said to archib, take care of your service in the Lord, so that you may perform the rites which I have received through my hands. Paul, remember my bond.

Grace be with you. Amen.






My name is Cheng Gong. I was born in Chongqing. On February 1st, my father was a worker, producing clothes and shoes.

My mother was a middle school teacher. My brother opened a small bookstore near a university. Most of my family members helped him manage the bookstore when we were 13 years old.

I came to Wanzhou to study in a middle school I left behind. For the first time, I realized that there was no better place for me than home Grandmother's house is much bigger than ours and the furniture is modern. But I still miss my parents, my brothers and sisters.

In those days, when I left home alone, I learned one thing: all parents love their children very much, and they even sacrifice their time to take care of their dear children. I hope that when they grow up, I can treat my parents well. My knowledge is due to my teacher, Miss Lin, who makes me study hard, especially during the summer vacation, when she is in her house for free Guide me, I learned to read English newspapers and magazines, which let me see a lot of interesting things.

I remember my teacher once said that "there is no shortcut to learn anything". I also learned to write simple letters and exchange letters with foreign pen pals. Some people even came to Wanzhou to see me.

We read those letters together and talked to each other very interesting. We showed them our happy life They were told of their country. I believe this is a good way to enhance friendship.

Brasilia began teaching in a college two years ago, but I soon found that continuing to teach didn't do me much good because I had little chance to learn more about the wider world I didn't mind working in. I worked hard every day, but I wanted to learn more and meet more.




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