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关于”介绍天天酷跑的带“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Introduce the belt of cool running every day。以下是关于介绍天天酷跑的带的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce the belt of cool running every day

Thousands of times have not, don't mention, who knows this is not a big deal. I can't stand it. There's a good thing that's urgent.

What else to make a fuss about? It's a boy. It's up to you. My hands are full now.

Don't make up stories. Absence makes the mind grow. She made a mess of it, dazzling and quick.





David bell, parklush Horia, macashibanliye B. David bell pakle, born in France in April, often liked to be on the roof of the school when he was a child. He was a soldier, inspired by his father, and created Parkour as a sport.

Now he is entering Jiangmen. In the movie "rush by the hour", the performing arts industry has also stepped onto the stage, "mountain form" As a supporting role in the film, friends from 12 departments of the film banley (area B, violence Street) will surely see lightning biting and jumping in the film. Now, the action in the film has become a fashion movement.

Parkour, which is rapidly popular in the world, was first initiated by French soldiers in the Vietnam War and became popular in Britain in, and later David lachapel· The French film "violent street" put forward by David LaChapelle David belle is a display of Park street culture. Bell Le is one of the founders of Parkour David movement.


大卫·贝尔,帕克鲁什·霍里亚马卡西班利耶B大卫·贝尔·帕克尔大卫·贝尔·贝尔,4月出生于法国,小时候经常喜欢在学校的屋顶上和父亲是一名军人,受父亲启发,创造了跑酷是一项运动,现在进入江门,在电影《钟点冲刺》中,演艺界也走上了舞台,《山形》等影片主演的配角,主演的电影班丽(B区,暴力街)12个部门的朋友一定会在影片中看到闪电咬人跳跃吸引了现在,影片中的动作已经成为一种时尚运动,在世界范围内迅速流行的跑酷最初是由法国士兵在越南战争中发起的,并于年风靡英国,后来大卫·拉夏佩尔·戴维贝尔(David LaChapelle DavidBelle)提出的法国电影《暴力街头》就是帕克街文化的展示,主人公贝尔·勒是跑酷大卫运动的创始人之一。


G line, with a firm determination to become a champion, seems to be able to rest for a moment and enjoy the ecstasy of victory. However, there is a sign in front of him, indicating a new "starting point" and prompting him to continue to run to the next destination. This cartoon undoubtedly conveys that life is like the process of running, the acceleration of the pace of life, the increasingly fierce competition in all walks of life, urge everyone to once To stop progress, we must make constant efforts and never stop.

It is very difficult for him to maintain his past glory and survival in this competitive world, as the great Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping said. "Development is the only way". No matter how powerful a country is, no matter how successful a specific institution is, it will certainly seek new development at a high speed.

Generally speaking, it will continue to seek new development in a highly competitive world, The successful launch of Shenzhou-5 is a good example. It makes China at the height of aerospace. Although this is a great achievement for us Chinese, we are facing new challenges in the future, and we need to do further research in space technology.

Another example is closely related to us. Candidates, if we pass the exam and are lucky enough to be admitted to a university, we will continue to work hard. We are facing the challenge of tackling postgraduate courses.

We still need to work hard in our future studies, employment and career. These examples effectively clarify the saying that "destination is another starting point".



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