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Part time jobs whenever we have more free time, when we pass the bulletin board on campus, students will be busy recommending part-time jobs to each other. We often see some recruitment advertisements. It is obvious that part-time job has become a growing trend among college students.

More and more students want to work after class, and they have more and more chances to find a job. There are always two sides to a problem, and part-time work is no exception. Whether it is positive or negative, part-time work can not only cultivate students' ability, but also help them apply the knowledge they have learned to practice.

In addition, part-time jobs can reduce the financial burden of parents to a certain extent, and after-school work may distract students' attention from their studies. Some students who have found part-time jobs have lower academic performance. I do not want to discuss the feasibility of part-time work, but there is no doubt that as a student, great attention should be paid to it.




If you want to achieve a certain degree of success, you must strive to surpass those who work in your field. If no one is working in this field, you must strive to open up new fields. There are five types of people: one is to create opportunities; the second is to look for opportunities; the third is to wait for opportunities; the fourth is to lose the mobile phone; and the fifth is to ignore opportunities.

If you can't be the first type of people, try at least to look for opportunities like the second type of people I always make sure that I don't inadvertently compare myself with something I can't reach. If I do, I'll make sure that I study the strengths and strengths of that person, rather than compare my situation with the person's overall talent and intelligence. I'll simply compare my own process development: am I better today than yesterday? Will tomorrow be better than today? I constantly challenge myself and surpass myself.

The success of life is like climbing a peak, and we must walk step by step. In this process, when we meet a wall on a certain road, we sometimes turn into a brand-new road. A turning point may suddenly appear, but in our life, most of the turning points are through the big one We can understand how full of twists and turns it is.

On the road to success, we can really test our perseverance and determination. But more importantly, you will be able to draw great momentum, so that you can continue to struggle and lose Being able to bear defeat is the source of vitality and strength.


如果你想取得一定程度的成功,你必须努力超越那些在你所从事的领域工作的人。如果没有人在这一领域工作,你就必须努力开拓新的领域,有五种类型的人一种是创造机会第二种是寻找机会第三种是等待机会第四种失手机会第五种是忽视机会如果你不能成为第一种类型的人,那么至少试着像第二种类型的人,积极地寻找机会 我总是确保我不会无意中把自己与我无法企及的东西进行比较如果我真的做了这样的比较,我会确保我研究的是那个人的优点和长处,而不是把我的处境与那个人的整体才能和智慧相比较,我只是简单地比较一下我自己的过程发展:我今天比昨天进步了吗?明天会不会比今天更好,我不断挑战自我,超越自我,人生的成功就像攀登一个高峰,必须一步一步地走在这一过程中,当我们在一段路上遇到一堵墙,我们有时会变成一条崭新的路,一个转折点可能会突然出现,但在我们的生活中,大多数时候转折点都是通过大量的努力才达到的,只要我们不被挫折所吓倒,挫折就不必害怕,年轻时的挫折和失败都是宝贵的财富,我们可以理解它是多么充满曲折而在通往成功的道路上,真正考验着我们的毅力和决心,但更重要的是,你将能够汲取巨大的动力,使你能够不断地奋斗,在失败中能够承受住,是焕发活力和力量的源泉。


Now, we Chinese college students can feel that we are full of pressure, especially those who have just graduated. They can feel all kinds of pressure from society and parents. Life pressure is the biggest pressure that every college student has to face.

From the new word "live like an ant" recently, why do many college students live an ant like life The main reason is that college students can't afford the rent. Another reason is that college students are used to living in dormitories like they did in college. They are used to living in dormitories with others.

If they live in dormitories, they will also feel lonely. There are three reasons why they can't afford the rent: first, after graduation, because of their parents, teachers and even the government After college students left the campus, in order to help them live in school, they suddenly became eager for success. They began to consider independence and felt ashamed to ask their parents for money.

However, they didn't make a lot of money in their first years out of college. After graduating from University, they began to face a new life. Some choose to work in the company, some choose their own career, some want to continue to study, they want to go, they choose a young man without work experience, because they do not need a job, they really can not make great progress at the beginning, those who choose to start their own businesses need their own money to start their own businesses Those who choose to continue to study need to pay for living expenses rather than work.

They may also need to prepare for their dream university when they are young. Lack of experience and lack of money make college students feel great pressure. Although they can not live in a good condition, they can still enjoy their time and life because they are full of dreams Think.



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