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Globalization is an inevitable trend. In my opinion, cultural exchanges between countries and regions in the world are becoming increasingly frequent. These exchanges have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is undeniable that cultural exchanges have brought many benefits. It has opened a window for people in different regions to understand other people's customs, technology and civilization, and reduced racial misunderstanding. In this process, harmony bloomed and created for the global economy Huge profits, various activities and celebrations attract people from all over the world, which inevitably provides numerous opportunities for airlines.

Cultural exchanges have a certain negative impact on a country's culture. Sometimes the country can't support it. With the decline of cultural diversity, local culture may disappear and become less diversified, The monotonous world will bring a heavy burden to the public, because the preservation of world culture will produce.

However, we can not prevent this from happening. What we can do is to seek a balance point. Education at this stage is extremely important and effective.

Once the patriotism is cultivated, it will be carried and attention should be paid to the protection of local cultural heritage.




Rosie Ruiz the following is a series of facts about the Boston Marathon: * the race is always held on patriot day, the third Monday in April in Massachusetts, to commemorate the earliest battle of the American Revolution * the race was first held with the contestants to make it the oldest annual marathon in the world * the Boston Mara The songrace attracts runners with a special marker to commemorate those killed in the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. * the race runs through eight Massachusetts towns: Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brooklyn, Boston, starting at Hopkinton, ending at Copley square, and Boston public map The library is adjacent to it. Boston Marathon is considered one of the most difficult marathon courses because of Newton mountain.

It reaches its climax on the heartbroken mountain near Boston College. Boston Globe reporter Jerry Nathan created the name heartbreak mountain after he overtook his opponent Taishan brown in the game, slapped him on the back, but finally lost to brown on the last hill. Bobbie gib was the first woman to finish the race unofficially until Ethiopia's lailisa de Sisa won the men's championship in the Boston Marathon and finished the race within hours.

Kenyan Jeffrey mutay kept track records in hours, minutes and seconds. The youngest runners he ever ran was Tim Ford and claran S. Harrison DeMar is the only marathon runner to win seven Championships in Boston.

His seventh victory in Boston was his first prize in the year when he became the oldest winner of the event in, and the best players are now competing for more than dollars. Boston Marathon is the only marathon race in Boston. The time and specific requirements of qualifying in the United States usually require athletes to complete a qualifying marathon within one and a half years before Boston.

In the Boston Olympic Games, Rosie Ruiz won the Patriot day memorial scandal by cheating on the subway.





Culturally, the way of life established by a group for a long time has become a national culture. Culture includes people's values, beliefs and their technical capabilities. Some aspects of culture are learned in a formal environment, such as school.

When other aspects are studied informally in daily life, today's life culture is always changing. Cultural changes often enrich our national culture by borrowing another culture and invention. We constantly integrate new inventions and new ideas into our way of life.




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