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关于”中式婚礼的步骤“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Steps of Chinese wedding。以下是关于中式婚礼的步骤的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Steps of Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding customs and rituals in Chinese legend, the Father God in the moonlight will tie a red rope around the ankles of men and women, no matter how far apart they are, they will eventually propose marriage & the two engaged families choose an auspicious day as the engagement day, which is a formal meeting between the parents of the bride and the groom, and the groom's family presents a variety of wedding proposals Things, which represent the birth and prosperity of Chinese culture, are also known as "great gifts". Therefore, after the formal engagement ceremony, the two families will send out "double happiness cake" and invitation letter to their relatives and friends, and then the bride's family will prepare the dowry, give the bridegroom's family a dowry list, and the bridegroom's family will perform the wedding ceremony of "laying the bride's bed" The family decorates the bridegroom's house for the wedding, while the bride's family prepares household supplies, mainly bedding and catering supplies. On the wedding day of the new house, the two families hold a "Combing" ceremony and a "capping" ceremony for the groom and the bride.

Then the groom begins to arrive at the bride's house, and he will inevitably be blocked by her friends in front of her, and the bridesmaids will The groom and his entourage play house cards, and then the bride and groom will leave home to continue to meet with the groom's parents and attend the tea ceremony. At the end of the wedding is a feast featuring exquisite Chinese wedding food.




Proposal and engagement two families choose an auspicious day as the engagement day. This is a formal meeting. The parents of both parties hold a pre wedding ceremony after the engagement.

Then the bride's family prepares the dowry and gives the dowry list to the groom's family. On the wedding day, the family of the bridegroom holds the ceremony of "laying the bride's bed". The ceremony is held for the bride and the groom respectively“ On the wedding night, the wedding room will light the dragon and Phoenix candles to exorcise the evil spirits.

The couple will drink two glasses of wine tied together with red rope. In the morning after marriage, they will cross their arms. The bride should get up early and cook a meal for the bridegroom's family to show her good upbringing.




China is one of the countries with the longest history in the world. We have many traditional cultures. The wedding ceremony is part of the culture.

Yesterday was the date of my classmate's marriage. She was the first to get married in the same class in primary school. I got a surprise and was also the first time I received an invitation.

I really found that I had grown up, not only physically, but also my age When you are old enough to get married, I also think that I may be the last person to get married. If you want to enjoy a traditional Chinese wedding, you must prepare wine with money, time and capacity. There are many steps in the wedding ceremony: introducing engagement gifts, giving dowry, installing a new bed, dressing, tea ceremony and returning home.

When introducing engagement gifts in the first step, the bride should pay: money, usually with$ Or $(it means the jewelry that is always put in the tie box, such as a pair of dragon and Phoenix bracelet and tie box, which contains lacer, dried longan, dried litchi, dried walnut, dried peanut, lotus seed, cypress leaf, sesame, red bean, mung bean, red dates, a pair of Dragon Phoenix candlelight, dried mushroom, dried black moss, seafood such as dried abalone, dried shrimp, dried scallop, dried squid, etc., combined with western style pastry coupon and Chinese style cake coupon Cake coupons look, it's just a part of the wedding. It really needs a huge amount of dollars. Inviting friends and relatives to dinner is a traditional and normal way to show the public that you are having a wedding.

Now my classmates invite us to a Chinese restaurant, where there are about people to attend, and each time they attend, they will give the new couple a $as a gift. It's not everything, but in China, if you send it For other kinds of gifts, you have to give us dollars at the end of the day. A drink is another way to celebrate a wedding.

New people will go to every table and cheer. There was a table yesterday. Our table is the last one, so we have enough time to prepare to play tricks on the bride.

We put chicken butt, a lot of spices and soybeans, a lot of unknown things turned into wine. I believe it must be a bad wine. But at that time, the bride was drunk, so my classmates drank most of this wine.

I was afraid of her. But in the end, I thought they were husband and wife, so they had the responsibility to share each other's happiness and pain. I hope they can live forever in the happiness of marriage year.




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