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I have a good friend. His name is Zhang Mingwei. He is 13 years old.

He is not very handsome, but he is kind, friendly and generous. He likes reading very much. That's why he is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met (he studies very hard and always gets good grades.

She is very interested in sports. He likes playing basketball and football). His favorite sports star is Yao Ming.

He adores him very much.




Christmas is a new time. When the best human beings are called out in the traditional security, when the feeling of giving is very good, when the resentment is eliminated, when the heaven comes to earth, we tend to think that Christmas is a children's festival, but if Christmas gives us every chance to be a child, let the wise bring us priceless When shepherds and other kind people worship us, it's held by a revered parent. It feels like everything will be OK.

If Christmas is an opportunity to start over, instead of making new resolutions, we can give it a new self. We can leave mistakes, regrets and hurt people. All of these things must be perfect If we can see ourselves as a beloved child, we may think of our innocence.

This Christmas, I invite you to be the cradle of children. You start yourself with gifts from smart men and women. You start your life the way you always wanted, by acknowledging your generous spiritual gifts, angels calling to you from the glorious heaven, a very special person, reborn in your manger, with a loving father and mother allowing shepherds to approach (but To worship you, including animals in your rebirth, and realize that you will always be loved.

Now you are a cradle, a gifted, worshipped earth child, a loving mother, just a heartbeat, determined to express your happy new self to all of you. May your peace become your priority and hope you Be happy with your long life and love your gifts..




One day in spring, one day in spring, a woman came to my lonely woods, appeared in the lovely form of a beloved, gave me songs, melodies, gave me dreams, sweetness suddenly a wild wave swept across my heart bank, drowned my lips, all the words had no name to come, she stood under the tree, turned around, looked at my face, grieved bitterly, and she walked quickly She came up to me, took my hand and sat next to me. She said, "you don't know me, and I don't know how." I said, "the two of us are going to build a bridge between the two creatures forever. We don't know each other.

This miracle of longing is the core of things. The cry in my heart is also her inner cry. The thread that binds me together binds her together.

I look for her everywhere. I worship her in my heart and hide in this worship. She also looks for me on the other side of the ocean and she steals My heart, she forgot to come back.

After losing her charm, she began to cast a net, not knowing whether she would catch a poem by Tagore.



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