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Many of our students now have some psychological problems, which make us very worried, and even have a negative impact on our study and life. Some students are very worried about exams and academic achievements, so they can't sleep at night. They feel sleepy during the day and can't concentrate on class.

Others can't get on well with their parents or classmates. They are always stressed and easy to get angry. In fact, we have many ways to deal with our psychological problems.

First, we can turn to our teachers. Second, we can include us When we talk or discuss our problems with friends or classmates, we will eventually feel very happy, but not least. We need to cultivate a positive attitude towards learning.

A smiling life is not only a friendly expression, but also a way to cure bad emotions. I believe these methods will help us live and study happily.




As we all know, the university is a place to cultivate students' professional skills, but now more and more students lose confidence in their studies. They are addicted to playing computer games or other activities. If the Internet is not turned off, they would rather stay up late to play than go to bed.

Why is this phenomenon so common? For college students, I can use some reasons to explain the first question Face to face university students are faced with the pressure from academic and employment, they should try to pass the exam to get credits, otherwise they can not get a degree, they may be defeated by challenges or difficulties, they just want to do some exciting things to escape the problems they are facing. On the other hand, college life is more flexible, students can choose various ways of learning if they can not be very good If we make good use of time and wisely, the result will be lost. Students are easy to give up and can't see consistent persistence.

Therefore, what college students lack most is willpower. As the old saying goes, where there is will, where there are methods, if college students want to do a perfect thing, they should persist every day. Don't let other things happen to distract their goals, they will become Big winners in college and life.




With the development of the global economy, the employment market demands more and more graduates. English has become an international language. Many countries and regions regard English as the official language of communication.

Therefore, English majors are facing more and more serious pressure due to the lack of other professional knowledge. They are faced with an embarrassing situation in the process of job hunting Become confused, do not know how to choose. This paper focuses on four reasons: from the perspective of social reality, the current higher education system aims at the problems of students' lack of scientific positioning, relative market demand, students' actual surplus of English and low ability, and so on, and further puts forward suggestions to solve the problems, starting from four aspects: first, improving basic skills and expanding knowledge; second, accelerating higher education; third, accelerating higher education, Fourth, organize professional practice.



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