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Nikolai Tesla (Serb: zhmy кра тесса July – January) is an inventor, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer. He is an important contributor to the birth of commercial electric power. He is famous for his many revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetics at the end of the century and the beginning of the century.

Tesla's patents and theoretical work form the basis of modern AC power system, including multiphase Power distribution systems and AC motors, which helped usher in the second industrial revolution, was born in the village of smirzhan (now part of the Austrian Empire's Croatian military border, gospich) (Modern Croatian Tesla was a subject of the Austrian Empire and later became a citizen of the United States, because he demonstrated wireless communication via radio and became the "sea." He was recognized as one of the greatest electrical engineers working in the United States. He pioneered modern electrical engineering. During this period, many of his discoveries were of groundbreaking significance in the United States.

Tesla's reputation was comparable to any other inventor or scientist in history or popular culture. Tesla was early in the unfinished wardenchly The FFE tower project demonstrated the wireless power transfer to power electronic devices, and was eager to transmit industrial power wirelessly across continents. Because of his eccentric personality and seemingly bizarre statements about possible scientific and technological development, Tesla was finally excluded by many old people and regarded as a crazy scientist.

Tesla was in New York He died at the age of two in a hotel suite in the city.




Stephen Hawking, Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics and theoretical physics, Cambridge University, is the most important family of general relativity and cosmology. He proved this point with the famous Penrose singularity theorem, and won the Wolf Prize for physics. Therefore, he is known as the most famous scientific thinker and the most outstanding theoretical physicist of Einstein He has proved the black hole area theorem.

He is one of the most outstanding scientists in history. He once held the most lofty position of history professor in Cambridge University, that is, Newton and Dirac Luca Johnson once served as his mathematics professor. He has several honorary degrees and is a member of the Royal Society.

He suffers from amyotrophic sclerosis and has been trapped in a wheelchair for many years. He has no Shen Shen Shen The charm of Hawking is not only that he is a legendary physics genius, but also because he is a strong life. His exploration of scientific spirit and indomitable personality and courage deeply attract everyone's understanding of him.

I admire him very much, but when we worship us to complete it He should calm down and think about it. If a paralyzed disabled person with only one finger can move can become a world-famous physicist, and we normal people can do better. We have strong legs, which can save a lot of lives for us, because we take care of ourselves and waste time, we have flexible hands, we can save a lot of waste because of typing Time, there are many things better than we sell on the strong side of our body, but we never feel this happiness.




Stephen Hawking was born in, with a Ph The history of time bird became a best seller.



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