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关于”旅游业给环境带来的伤害“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Environmental damage caused by tourism。以下是关于旅游业给环境带来的伤害的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Environmental damage caused by tourism

The prosperous tourism industry should not bring serious harm and damage to the environment. The premise is that tourists must realize the importance of protecting the tourist attractions they visit. The booming tourism industry in developed countries and coastal areas of China has strongly proved that this has worsened the environment of many European developed countries, because the people there, especially tourists, have more impact on their tourist destinations Be conscious and friendly.

If we take a closer look at European countries, the United States, Australia, Canada and Japan, it is true that almost every street is free from litter, garbage and cigarettes. However, the tourist attractions of these countries are also clean and pleasant, and so are coastal cities such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Qingdao, where people can better protect the environment, place or interests and have little pollution It is obvious that the environment has not deteriorated because of tourism itself. Tourism itself is an environment-friendly industry.

It is not the industry that deteriorates the environment we live in, but the tourists themselves that pollute the environment. Once tourists realize that they want to build a clean environment, tourism should not pose a threat to the environment.




Tourism has brought great economic benefits to both host and destination countries, especially in developing countries. One of the main motivations for a region to promote itself as a tourist destination is the expected economic improvement. Tourism promotes its economic benefits for various reasons.

Tourism has a variety of economic impacts. Tourists' contribution to sales, profits, employment, tax and income of a region is the most direct impact on the major tourism sectors. Accommodation, catering, transportation, entertainment and retail industries can also directly create employment opportunities and souvenir sales through hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and taxis And indirectly through the provision of goods and services required by tourism related enterprises and other impacts, this large-scale economic development has brought positive and negative consequences.

Tourism can cause damage to the local environment and culture. Firstly, it changes or loses the local indigenous identity when religious rituals, traditional ethnic rituals and festivals are reduced and disinfected to meet the tourists' requirements At the same time, the values brought by tourism can transform local culture into commodities. Once the destination is sold as a tourist product, the so-called "rebuilding the nation" will occur.

The demand for souvenirs, arts, entertainment and other commodities in tourism industry will begin to have an impact. Human values may change fundamentally. When people trade holy places and goods as commodities, There may be disrespect, although tourism can encourage the government to protect the natural beauty of the area, and a large number of hotels may cause damage to the undamaged area.

An expedition can create an alarming amount of waste and produce a large number of plastic bottles to stay, because waste tourism can be an important, even essential part of the local economy, Therefore, local governments at all levels should be responsible for the protection of cultural relics in their respective areas. The development of capital construction and tourism within their respective administrative areas should be carried out in accordance with the principle of cultural relics protection, and cultural relics should not be damaged.




Is tourism harmful to the environment? In recent years, tourism has developed rapidly in China. Many people think that tourism plays a positive role in economic growth. We should try our best to promote the development of tourism.

However, what these people fail to see is that tourism may have a disastrous impact on our environment. I firmly believe that too many tourists will do harm to the environment. The adverse effects of tourism on the environment are mainly manifested in various aspects One is the process of developing new scenic spots to attract tourists.

Many artificial facilities have been built, which have a certain negative impact on the environment. This process usually destroys the ecological balance of some mountainous areas. People cut down trees, build hotels, let others enjoy and explore the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers, and then landslides and mudslides occur.

The development of tourism has destroyed the environment. When tourists go to the scenic spot, some tourists do not have the awareness of protecting the environment, and they throw rubbish everywhere carelessly. Some even kill the local wild animals to eat.

This seriously destroys the balance of the natural environment. It is wrong to sacrifice the environment for the development of tourism. We must bear in mind that too many tourists will do harm to the environment We need to find a balance between meeting the needs of tourists and minimizing the pollution they cause.

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