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关于”公共秩序“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:public order。以下是关于公共秩序的考研英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:public order

First, the bottom line of law in real life is that everyone should know, abide by and enforce the law, based on facts and based on law. The Internet is a hidden virtual space, but it also needs to comply with relevant laws and regulations; second, the bottom line of the socialist system, China is a socialist country, which is the result of history and people's choice. Third, the bottom line of national interests.

As a citizen of the people's Republic of China, we must take the national interests as the bottom line when using the Internet There are no national boundaries, but users have national boundaries. The scientific outlook on development emphasizes people-oriented, and emphasizes that in the era of attaching great importance to human rights, we should pay attention to protecting our legitimate rights and interests. Fifthly, the bottom line of social public order, we all hope that social public order is orderly, so people should not do things that lead to social and public order chaos, such as spreading rumors Language, violence, sixth, we must resolutely stop the negative energy of pornography.

Sixth, people should abide by the basic moral bottom line when using the Internet. The bottom line of authenticity of information. For information, the most taboo is false information.

All people should abide by the seven bottom lines of creating the Internet when using the Internet. Internet civilization cannot do without seven bottom lines.




As a tour guide of an international travel agency, I find that many Chinese tourists behave badly in foreign countries. They make a lot of noise in public places, carve words in tourist attractions, throw garbage, spit everywhere, and even cross the road at traffic lights. This kind of bad behavior has caused damage overseas.

First of all, we should take national reputation measures to stop this behavior. Before going abroad, we should train Tourists should abide by social and public order and respect local religions and customs. In addition, kindergartens and primary schools should teach children to be responsible citizens.

Finally, laws should be made to punish those who behave badly in public places in China. I hope overseas tourists can change their behavior as soon as possible and win respect for themselves and their country.




As vividly / symbolically depicted in the pictures / Comics, we can notice that the purpose of the drawer, through the deliberate illustrations, is to point out what our future will be like if we allow this phenomenon to continue, however, at that time, it will definitely be a terrible prospect, social stability will be on the verge of extinction, and therefore, we will have to pay attention to it We must face up to the reality and take effective measures to prevent the situation from deteriorating. On the one hand, our authorities should strictly control (on the other hand, we should cultivate the awareness of people who are very important to us (usually, our unconscious behavior aggravates the problem, only in this way can we curb the current evil phenomenon revealed in the pictures and create a harmonious social atmosphere As responsible earth managers, we should resist false behavior, consciously abide by the code of conduct, and consciously abide by the behavior that endangers public order or violates social morality. As a cultural person, we should respect the life and behavior around us.

For many people, if not most people, the lack of basic social ethics may lead to serious consequences. It has been a traditional virtue of Chinese culture for thousands of years.



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