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关于”写给老板加薪的信“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:A letter to the boss for a raise。以下是关于写给老板加薪的信的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A letter to the boss for a raise

Freda Brett said that only in opera do people die of love. Yes, you really can't love someone to death. I know someone dies because they don't love, but I've never seen anyone loved to death.

We just can't love each other enough: the FA's heartwarming story is about a woman who finally decides to ask her boss to give her a raise all day. She feels nervous. Later in the afternoon, she is worried and gets up the courage to approach her boss and make her tall Xing, the boss agreed to give her a raise.

That night, a woman came home and sat at a beautiful table with the best dishes. Her husband came home early to prepare a wedding banquet. She doesn't know if anyone in the office tipped her "he's gone," or whether he just somehow knows she won't be rejected.

He found him in the kitchen, told him the good news of their hugs and kisses, and then sat down to eat the delicious food next to her plate. The woman found a beautifully written note that said, "Congratulations, honey, I know you're going to get a raise. These things will tell you how much I love you": after dinner, her husband walks into the kitchen to clean up, and she finds the second card from When she fell out of her pocket and picked it up from the floor, she read, "don't worry about not getting the raise you deserve.

Anyway, these things will tell you how much I love you": someone said that the measure of love is that when you love him without restraint, the man's feeling of his mate is complete acceptance and love. Whether she succeeds or fails, his love will celebrate her When she won the Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa said, "what can you do to promote world peace, go home and love your family". Her friends loved them without restraint.





I want more money is just a joke. Let's take a look at the following: how to ask for a raise? I want to ask you a question about my salary. Can you give me a raise? Because I'm doing a good job, I need money to support my family.

You promised to give me a raise after a few years of probation. I need a raise in RMB. How can I get a promotion? He works hard and he gets promoted soon.

You can also write a humorous letter to your boss: Dear Bo, we all need something in this life. In fact, I don't think you should meet the needs of the $o $worker $that provides your company with $0 $warm and $service $$I mean, there's another very formal example with your $$incely, Marian $HIH: I appreciate the opportunity to work for you, and I love it. I hope you'll agree that in the two years I've worked for you, I've become an integral part of your team and have made great achievements.

For example, in the past six months only, I have [a list of major achievements] However, I'm still working on the initial salary we agreed to two years ago. I remember that we also agreed to renegotiate my salary within two years based on my achievements and our agreement, and I sincerely asked for an immediate 6% increase and then a further 3% increase in six months. I have a strong feeling that I have won an immediate raise and I am confident that based on my performance, I will also receive a six-month pay rise, but I am willing to negotiate and, according to our agreement, if you would like to meet to discuss this issue, please let me thank you again for the opportunity and I look forward to continuing to play an important role in your team in a mutually beneficial relationship I hope everything goes well.

Good luck.





I asked my boss for a raise the other day. I told him that the cost of living in this city is very high. I said I had to support my wife and family, but they couldn't live on my salary.

My boss told me the business was bad, but to my surprise, he finally agreed and gave me a raise.




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