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关于”职工福利“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Employee welfare。以下是关于职工福利的八级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Employee welfare

Looking at China's reform and opening up, under the planned economic , China has implemented the traditional social welfare , which presents a dual mode of supply and full of welfare. This welfare mode is the division of and rural dual economic , which adapts to the majority of residents who are working. They implement the supply of welfare .

In the era of planned economy, the state won In contrast to the end of the century, China's reform and opening-up has entered a new historical period. In order to adapt to the continuous changes in the social and economic structure, the social welfare has entered the middle of the century, embarked on the reform today, and has begun to form a set of "social" in the field of social welfare The reform ideas, principles and policies of "social welfare socialization" were clearly put forward at the national social work conference at the beginning of the century. In practice, the social welfare society was atically elaborated.

The original performance was the characteristics of social relief and the government arrangement, which only paid social welfare to the government for "three no" objects and "Five Guarantees" mode This, the whole society establishes the social welfare type society to have the entire citizen's demand, the welfare organization from the market-oriented operation new social welfare pattern this process from the national social welfare organization reform initiator, then to all citizen's community service, then gradually formed one kind of social welfare social idea.




Hello, China's welfare is one of China's social security s. It is a cause for the government to provide social members with various social welfare and disabled people, without basic living security. Disabled soldiers, state employees, the elderly, the disabled, children and other social members play a very important role in social life.

Many people enjoy it and feel the warmth of our society and family Warm. For example, more cities have established the lowest level of living security for citizens. The income of residents in the above cities is low, and there are more laid-off workers in state-owned enterprises, which solves their basic living security problems.

There are too many differences between and rural areas and the low coverage rate in China's social welfare . However, our government has been trying to create favorable conditions for a sound social welfare transition.




With the advent of knowledge economy, welfare is no longer only a part of enterprise operating costs, but also an important means for enterprises to invest in human capital. To a large extent, it has become an important means for enterprises to retain and attract talents. How to establish a scientific and reasonable employee welfare structure suitable for the long-term development of enterprises and pay attention to the needs of employees on the premise of ensuring costs is an incentive and guidance At present, Shandong Lingjiao power supply Co., Ltd.

must solve an important problem to guide employees and mobilize their enthusiasm and loyalty to the greatest extent. It is also the core content of this . Based on the ysis of the development status and research results of employees' welfare at home and abroad, this takes Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory as the premise, Adams' justice theory and two factors Based on the theory, this introduces the basic measures and supporting measures to improve the existing welfare of Zhongshan Dongling Electric Power Co., Ltd.

This first summarizes the background, development status, main business, organizational structure, personnel status and employee welfare of Zhongshan Dongling Electric Power Co., Ltd., and then finds out that the current situation of Zhongshan Dongling Electric Power Co., Ltd. in terms of employee welfare In view of these problems, this puts forward some feasible suggestions to improve the employee welfare of Dongling Electric Power Co., Ltd. to make it more reasonable and atic, and puts forward suggestions from three aspects: strengthening income security, improving legal welfare and enterprise welfare The supporting measures have been formulated from three aspects: the support of the leaders and the needs of employees.



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