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关于”一篇病毒“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:A virus。以下是关于一篇病毒的四年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A virus

Computer virus a computer virus is a kind of computer program, which can copy itself and infect the computer without the permission or knowledge of users. The original program can modify the copy or the copy can modify itself. As in the case of morphing virus, the virus can only spread from one computer to another computer when the host is brought to the uninfected computer.

For example, users can send or carry it to removable media (such as floppy disk, CD or USB drive) through the network, and the virus can infect network files System or file system accessed by another computer to spread to other computer virus sometimes confused with computer worm and Trojan horse. Worm virus can spread to other computers by itself without being transferred as part of the host. Trojan horse is a kind of emerging file.

Different from virus, Trojan does not send it before execution Code is inserted into other computer files. Many personal computers are now connected to the Internet and local area networks, thus contributing to their spread. Today's viruses may also take advantage of the spread of systems such as the world wide web, e-mail, and file sharing systems to blur the boundaries between viruses and worms.

In addition, some sources use another term, in which a virus is any form of self replicating malware. The term comes from a biological virus, which replicates (possibly modified) its own copy in the computer's memory and memory, or on the network, similar to the way biological viruses work. Some viruses do this by destroying Programs, deleting files or reformatting the hard disk to destroy the computer.

Other viruses are not designed to destroy the computer, but simply copy themselves, or present text and video to let people know their existence, or audio information. Even these benign viruses will bring problems to computer users, and they will usually occupy legal programs As a result, they usually lead to erratic behavior and can lead to system crashes. In addition, many viruses have errors, which may lead to system crash and data loss.

There are many viruses running on the ordinary Internet today, and new viruses are found every day.





A novel coronavirus has been reported recently. All the news is about a new coronavirus caused by pneumonia. This is an acute pneumonia between people.

It is said that the virus is derived from small wild animal, such as badgers, bats, snakes and so on. The new virus is fast and strong infectious, and can be transmitted through breathing and contact, and the epidemic develops. Don't be quick.

People are infected every day all over the country now China is trying to fight this epidemic. This is a war without gunpowder. Regardless of our own safety, we are trying to rescue patients and research virus vaccine.

Although we are young, we can not help adults solve difficulties, we can also do something to protect our bodies, obey the instructions of the government, and reduce wearing when going out and at home This novel coronavirus, which is a good mask for the virus, was received by my parents this morning. On January this year, the Ministry of public health clinical research center of Shanghai announced that their research team had successfully developed an antiviral spray, which could only prevent the new coronavirus from entering the throat. although the virus is terrible and the strength of the unity of the Chinese nation is greater, I believe that we can overcome the new coronavirus and take off our masks and breathe fresh air together in the warm spring day.


最近,出现了一种可怕的病毒,冠状病毒所有的新闻都是关于肺炎引起的新型冠状病毒,这是一种急性人与人之间的肺炎,据说病毒的来源是小型野生动物,如獾、蝙蝠、蛇等医生说,这种新病毒具有快速和强的传染性,可以通过呼吸和接触传播,而且疫情发展特别迅速,全国各地每天都有人被感染 现在中国正努力与这种流行病作斗争这是一场没有火药的战争,不顾自己的安全,正在努力抢救病人的同时研究病毒疫苗虽然我们还年轻,我们不能帮助成年人解决困难,但我们也可以做些事情来保护我们的身体服从政府的指示,减少外出和在家里安心的外出时戴口罩,以防病毒感染 今天早上,我得到了一份爸爸妈妈的好消息:今年1月日,上海市公共卫生临床中心科研部宣布,他们的研究团队成功研制出了一种抗病毒喷雾剂,这种神奇的喷雾剂只能防止新型冠状病毒喷入咽喉部 尽管病毒很可怕,中华民族团结的力量更大,我相信我们可以战胜新冠状病毒,在温暖的春日,一起摘下面具,呼吸新鲜空气。


Economic computer virus interest group economist virus divides your hard disk into hundreds of small units, each of which has little effect, but all of these units claim to be the most important part of the computer econometric virus. 60% of infected personal computers will lose% of their data% of the time plus or minus one percent of the time political think tank fringe economist virus has no effect, But you can't get rid of it until the next election government economist virus. Your system doesn't work, but all your diagnostic software says everything is fine.

Marx economist virus helps your computer shut down. Whenever it wants the Soviet economist virus to crash your computer, but denies that it has ever happened to a mainstream economist virus, it claims that it feels its own on your computer He files the threat, and then in self-defense the Central Bank economist virus makes sure it's bigger than any other document multinational economist virus removes all currency files, but keeps smiling and sends information about how the economy will get better. On the supply side, the economist virus will put your computer dormant for four years, and when your computer wakes up, you have trillions of dollars in debt to the new economy virus Also known as the tricky Dick virus, you can kill it, but it always makes a comeback of the environmental economist virus before allowing you to delete any files.

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