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关于”异地“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Off site。以下是关于异地的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Off site

Long distance love has always been a hot topic for young people. Most of them have had such experience. Some people think that if a couple falls in love, distance is not a big deal, while others think it is difficult to maintain such a distance relationship.

For me, distance hinders communication. We should think twice before making a decision. On the one hand, it is different Land love means the loneliness and torment of husband and wife when they are away from home.

They need to communicate through computers or mobile phones. They can't face to face for a long time. When two people fall in love, they hope to meet each other every day and share happiness and sadness.

Long distance love makes couples miserable. When they need each other, their partner is always absent, and then they will feel lonely and sad. On the other hand, when couples decide to start long-distance love, long-distance love will increase trust problems.

The first problem they worry about is temptation, because they can't see each other every day. They will think about what will happen to their boyfriends and girlfriends. Maybe others are chasing them, or we will break up soon.

If they can hold on to this, it means him They trust each other deeply, their love is a solid distance, love is so painful, but if you can overcome loneliness, then you can start to love from a distance.




Nevertheless, the industry faces a potential long-term threat as it prepares to move more OTC derivatives markets to transparent trading venues to meet g-exchange's requirements, while competitors such as Bloomberg have been looking for opportunities to grab market share in the reform.




On Sunday afternoon, Meng Xiangying went out on a date with her roommates and stayed alone in the dormitory at night. One year old economics major at Lanzhou University took out some snacks and began to watch her favorite TV series. At the same time, Hu Yuntian of Nanjing University of science and technology began to watch the same video and eat the same snacks together.

She said that it was a bridge between a couple to build a distance. This way was very challenging. But like Meng and Hu, many college students tried to make it work.

She was an English major at Tsinghua University and got along with her boyfriend at Xi'an University of electronic engineering Three years later, she concluded that their strategy is good communication. We use wechat and QQ every day to share our experiences and ideas. She said that when our bodies are separated, it is very important to maintain an emotion.

In addition to daily communication, Ma Guixia likes to keep something special from time to time. A one-year-old clinical medicine student from Suzhou University suddenly appeared in her In addition, when I visit him, I can experience his life, which allows us to share and talk about Meng and benefit from these surprises. I always remember how touched I was when my boyfriend gave me a wedding dress as a birthday present.

She said that she participated in a study exchange program in Italy, and her good memories helped her to go through a longer distance and time difference. However, Liu Donghua, chief psychological consultant of Anhui consulting company, believes that trust is the foundation of long-distance love, despite frequent communication and special features Special ways of expressing love can keep a long-distance relationship fresh. If you don't set the same goals and trust each other, it's hard for lovers to be loyal and understand each other.

'a friend of mine had a lot of fights with her boyfriend, and they broke up because they didn't trust each other,' she said. Meng said that I don't want this to happen to us, so I talked to Hu and we agreed on a long-term plan to study for a master's degree in Beijing. This will eventually end their three-year long-distance relationship and mark the beginning of a closer relationship.





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