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First of all, the hot sun helps the water in lakes and oceans to evaporate, which makes liquid water into a gas called water vapor, which rises into the air, and then the water vapor in the air cools down when it rises into the air, and then turns into water drops. When these water drops are enough, we can see that the water is like clouds, and sooner or later the wind blows up the air around it It gets colder. After a while, the cool air can't pick up the water drops any more.

They fall on the ground like rain.




As for rain, as the saying goes, "one man's meat is another man's poison". Rain is also the desire and welcome of some people, and some people are angry. Farmers plow in the hot sun, and their bodies are wet.

From time to time, they look up to the sky for signs of dark clouds. When they encounter a downpour, they are also wet, and they are looking at the crops and vegetables in the field. Their eyes are full of joy, Urban residents often think that rain is their big trouble.

If the rain lasts for a few days, they pray for a good piece of clay, although a week ago, they were very angry at the inconvenience caused by the lack of water for young people. This is a common situation. Raincoats and raincoats can bring new life to the beautiful earth, and raincoats and raincoats can also make their life better and will not be destroyed They are beautiful, but they can also destroy everything on earth.

They support many people's lives, but sometimes they deprive many people of their lives. Floods, one of the natural disasters, destroy thousands of homes every year. From the above discussion, we can learn how to treat things dialectically from the perspective of philosophy.




Summer is the second season of the year. Between spring and autumn, the sun is the hottest, the water in summer is the warmest. The scenic spots in summer are the most crowded in the world.

First of all, summer is the favorite season for students, because their longest holiday in the year is in summer. Many of them try to enrich themselves by participating in some interesting outdoor activities, including with friends and family Camping, going to the beach or swimming in a public swimming pool, traveling and sightseeing locally and nationally, their social and healthy lives, some of them try to use their holidays to gain summer work experience, others may improve their academic performance by attending summer schools; secondly, summer is a pleasant season for all kinds of cold food and juicy fruits. Cream is our favorite dessert all the time.

I like ice cream, so muchI eats ice cream almost every day. In summer, there are many fresh fruits to sell. Watermelon is proud to be the season that needs fruit most.

All kinds of iced drinks are in great demand in summer. Summer is a fashionable hot season. You will see many sexy curves in your block, beach and shopping center Beautiful beauty, your eyes are full of me and my girlfriends.

I like to dress casually in summer. I like to wear shorts and T-shirts all the time. Don't forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen before you go out.

Anyway, I like summer very much. You should practice your English from now on. As a one-year-old boy, I prefer to take advantage of every opportunity I meet to practice English.

I'm glad to help you finish this job. I've learned a lot.




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