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关于”教师的作用“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The role of Teachers。以下是关于教师的作用的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The role of Teachers

How to be a good English teacher (Caesar, first of all, to be a good teacher, you must limit yourself to being a good English teacher. One must master both English and Chinese well. These are all necessary for a teacher, whether it is English, Chinese or mathematics.

Second, to be a good English teacher, one must master it The role of a teacher is not only a teacher who imparts knowledge to children, but also a guide, organizer and role player. In any case, responsibility is a complex word, which involves many meanings, especially in teaching. Third, it is one thing to be a friend of students and expand their knowledge.

However, another important role of teachers is to communicate with them. In any case, close to their soul. If you like teaching, you can become a good teacher.




Some people think that teachers should be responsible for students' teaching, and show how to judge right and wrong and how to perform well. Others say that teachers should only teach students about academic subjects' discussion and opinions. It is undeniable that as a teacher, teachers play a multi-faceted role in students' all-round development.

One's primary obligation is to teach students' academic knowledge, but it is equally important that he should first of all To ensure that students have made progress in other aspects, whether a person can effectively impart academic knowledge to students is the first and most important standard to determine whether he is a qualified teacher or not. The main task of students in the school is to lay a solid foundation for higher-level learning. Therefore, teachers are required to help them achieve this goal.

Secondly, teachers' obligation is not limited to imparting academic knowledge to students. Students should also cultivate their ability to judge right and wrong, so that they can become good citizens when they go out of school. In this way, teachers will take on more roles.

In a sense, they should not only teach academic subjects, but also should To set up a good moral example and share or discuss his views on various social phenomena with students, in a sense, in addition to his role as a pure academic teacher, he also plays the role of a student's parent in the school. A teacher can be relatively more positive about students' academic progress, but not sure about their moral development. The reason is very simple It is a big VAT, in which people are dyed with a certain color.

This is the result of many factors. Family and many other things also play a role. Therefore, from this perspective, after all, from the above discussion, we can draw such a conclusion: teachers should not only teach students the subject, but also try to shape students' personality and moral image, and also need the whole society Will work together to ensure the overall development of students.




Computers are widely used in education. Some people think that teachers do not play an important role in the classroom. You agree that the importance of computers in schools continues to increase.

Some people think that teachers will no longer play an important role in the classroom in the future. But for a long time, teachers have been relying on textbooks and other printed materials to assist learning. Now that computers have been widely used in the classroom, teachers may no longer be the main source of information, but teachers can act as promoters, guides and helpers Help students locate, explain, and share information.

Because computerized teaching can provide teachers with detailed information about the progress of teaching, teachers who use computers may have more time to pay extra attention to students who need it. More importantly, teachers' skills and attitudes will affect everything that has happened in the classroom over the years, the time spent in school by young people, teachers Is one of the most important people in their lives. Teachers should help students with personal examples, and at the same time provide guidance for students, so that they can see that their teachers show patience, trustworthiness and concern for their work.

The hobby of learning can encourage them to cultivate similar quality in themselves. Computers can never replace the role of teachers in these aspects. The conclusion is that the teacher's role in guiding and helping students to learn, and the example he has set for students, is praiseworthy, while the computer only proves that this has become a valuable educational tool.




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