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关于”为社会贡献自己的力量“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Contribute to the society。以下是关于为社会贡献自己的力量的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Contribute to the society

The volunteer association has a dream that one day I can join the youth volunteer service. Now I solemnly write down my team's application. Youth volunteer is a glorious title and a glorious group.

Every volunteer has made unremitting contributions to the society with its own depth. Our society creates an environment for everyone, when I create for the society I am more willing to contribute to the survival and development of others. At the same time, I will also make greater contributions to the survival and development of everyone.

The strength of volunteer team is very small, but the power of one hundred or even one thousand people is huge, because each young people together form a strong force, under the correct and orderly guidance, with love and love Strength to contribute to the society. Maybe this is the significance of the establishment of youth volunteer service. There are many people in the society who need to care and help.

I joined the volunteer team, which can better spread my love. So there will be more difficulties, more people need to care and help, experience the beauty of life, the care of society and the mutual love between people. Although I am a student, I study very much I am nervous, but after I join the volunteer team, I will try my best to use my spare time to work with the team members.

There is no return. Can you work? I have a wish: one day, the whole world will be full of love, and there will be no more pain, disaster and war. Then, it will become a paradise earth.




What is a hero can be described in many words, but the real meaning of a hero is actually for most people, a hero is a person who has made contributions to the society, and he / she can also become an example to others. It is very noble to be a hero. Many heroes even sacrifice themselves to defend and defend the great things that many heroes have done.

But we all have our own heroes in our hearts. She is the cause of our efforts El dalatista inur touched our hearts in Indonesia. She is such a beautiful woman to us.

She shows the power, strength and greatness of women.




As corporate residents, while making contributions to the society, CSCEC international undertakes due responsibilities to customers, employees, society and environment. We are supported and respected by the society. We believe that it is our responsibility to make greater contributions to the society.

The company actively participates in public interest activities, including donating money for education courses for children in poor areas, and social charity activities Through the efforts of the company and all staff, under the principles of openness, responsibility, peace and social justice, we can make more contributions to the society and promote the development of ethical science, design and technology. Environmental sustainability depends on the member organization composed of natural and social scientists, engineers, it professionals and architects in the UK, focusing on the military, environmental and political aspects of science Research, education and lobbying, design and technology provide a support network for ethical experts in these fields.



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