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What do you learn from watching movies in a country? Movies can tell us a lot about this country. What do you learn from watching movies of a country? Support your answer iBT with specific examples and details One of iBT's favorite pastimes today is that watching movies can teach us a lot about the world. Especially when we watch foreign movies, we can learn about the scenery and scenery of this country, the ethics and customs of this country, as well as its historical events.

The world is a great and colorful place, from the mountains of the Himalayas to the United States People can learn what these beautiful places are like by watching movies. For example, I recently saw some movies made in the United States. I learned about the beautiful beaches in California, national parks, such as Yellowstone Park and Niagara Falls, as well as the man-made statues of liberty, Rushmore mountain and Golden Gate Bridge.

It is one of the things to watch foreign movies It's a good way to infer where a person wants to travel. If he / she has such an opportunity, watching movies can also teach us the morality and customs of a country. For example, when watching American movies, I learned that children don't show that in China, children respect their parents very much.

In some cases, children show great disrespect to their elders, Completely ignoring their wishes. I was shocked by this behavior. Take another example.

I also learned about table manners in the United States, which is quite different from the rules we follow in China. One can learn about the history of a country by watching movies. For example, there are many movies about American war, such as gone with the wind, which show foreign audiences why America is such a free and independent society today Chinese movies are a good way to learn about remote lands.

One can learn about the landscape, culture and history of a place. Maybe schools should consider watching foreign movies in class to arouse students' interest in these lands.


你从看一个国家的电影中学到了什么?电影可以告诉我们很多关于这个国家的东西,你从看一个国家的电影中学到了什么?用具体的例子和细节来支持你的回答IBT IBT今天人们最喜欢的消遣之一就是看电影可以教我们我们对世界有很多了解,特别是当我们看外国电影的时候,我们可以了解到这个国家的风景和风景,这个国家的伦理和风俗习惯,以及它的历史事件世界是一个伟大而多姿多彩的地方,从喜马拉雅山脉的大山到美国的沙漠,人们可以通过看电影了解到这些美丽的地方是什么样的例如,我最近看了一些在美国拍摄的电影,我了解到了加利福尼亚美丽的海滩,国家公园,如黄石公园和尼亚加拉瀑布,以及人造的像自由女神像,拉什莫尔山和金门大桥这样的奇观看外国电影是一个很好的方式来推断一个人想去哪里旅行,如果他/她有这样一个机会,看电影也能教会我们一个国家的道德和风俗,例如,在看美国电影的时候,我了解到孩子们不会表现为在中国,孩子们对他们的父母非常尊重,在某些情况下,孩子们对他们的长辈非常不尊重,完全无视他们的意愿。我对这种行为感到震惊。再举一个例子,我还了解到了美国的餐桌礼仪,这与我们在中国所遵循的规则大不相同,一个人可以通过看电影了解一个国家的历史例如,有很多关于美国战争的电影,比如《乱世佳人》这样的电影向外国观众展示了为什么美国是今天这样的自由独立的社会,看外国电影是了解遥远土地的一个很好的方式,一个人可以了解一个地方的景观,文化,以及它的历史也许学校应该考虑在课堂上看外国电影,以引起学生对这些土地的兴趣。


China is making great efforts to promote the development of first-class universities. The Chinese government has invested a lot of money in education. About some higher education institutions in China have been approved by the Ministry of education to recruit international students.

Among them, one university authorized to provide Chinese government scholarships not only provides degree and non degree courses, but also has distinctive Chinese characteristics in Chinese, calligraphy, Kung Fu, ancient poetry and traditional Chinese medicine In addition, courses for business, business and engineering are also offered. For foreign students who want to learn Chinese, almost all universities have set up language and culture courses to help them learn Chinese. At the same time, students can get comprehensive services about HSK examination and examination.

In addition, many universities offer bachelor's degree or doctorate degree courses taught in English. Even for those who do not understand Chinese, China is a land of courtesy and the Chinese people are hospitable. The popularity of the famous four books and five classics in ancient China and the popularity of Confucianism made this nation have the natural comity and humility consciousness of a state of courtesy and propriety.

This is what the Analects of Confucius wrote. Is Confucius very happy to have friends who come from afar. Foreigners are always welcomed by their local neighbors.

They are one of the permanent members of the United Nations. The Chinese government has always pursued a moderate foreign policy China has actively developed good neighborly and friendly relations with neighboring countries, and has become one of the safest countries to study abroad.




New year's Day is one of the important days for many people in the world. Most people spend the new year's day in hotels. January 1 is considered a new year's day.

Most companies, shops, schools and government offices are closed during this period. People start preparing for the new year from the end of December. People spend a few days cleaning their houses thoroughly.

Some families have pasted some new paintings since November and are ready to send them out on January 1. People usually don't cook and relax at home on New Year's Eve. It's very common to eat BaoFan with family or friends.

Whether at home or in a hotel, we can hear the bell ringing to tell us that the new year is coming. People greet each other. Some people put on new clothes and go to the temple to pray for happiness and health.

During the new year, children are busy They get gifts from their parents and relatives, and most people are busy getting presents from December 1 to December 4 every year.





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