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Failure is a bad thing. Note: for this part, you can write a composition of no less than words in minutes. The topic is that failure is a bad thing.

You should base your composition on the following outline (Chinese gives your composition should be written in three paragraphs, remember to write it in readable handwriting on it). Failure is a bad thing. Failure is a bad thing in our daily life For example, sometimes we fail in other occasions, we fail in sports competitions, and sometimes we can't do a more satisfactory job.

Therefore, it can be said that each of us must have encountered one or another failure. Different people have different attitudes towards failure. Some people lose confidence in failure.

They seem to think that this is the world Other people, on the other hand, don't take failure seriously. They seem to think that failure is the first step to success. In my opinion, what really matters is not failure itself, but our attitude towards failure.

If we are afraid of failure and yield easily, we will surely have one failure after another. But as long as we have confidence in ourselves and learn from the failure, we will I will go from victory to victory, so I never fear failure, because I firmly believe that "failure is the mother of success".




]Note: in this part, you can write a short essay in minutes entitled "nothing will succeed without a strong will". By commenting on the humorous proverb, "quitting smoking is the simplest thing in the world, I have done it hundreds of times." you should at least write some words, but not more than words. If you don't have strong will, you can write a short essay We will envy celebrities and imagine that fame is due to some kind of luck, but when we know their history, we find that it is years of will and unremitting efforts that make them successful, just as we can't climb the top of the mountain without climbing, and we can't succeed without will.

Modern society provides people with more opportunities than before, but some stories tell us the possibility of success overnight. In fact, before these people succeed, this is not the case. We have done a lot of hard work, and most of what we usually see is the result, but what we ignore is a long-term struggle process, fighting with internal or external obstacles.

Taking quitting smoking as an example, it is very important for us to learn more about it For most people, this is a difficult task, so people always give up the idea because they don't have a strong will. Strong will is an important condition or function of success. Individuals should always keep it.

There is no immediate success in this world. A strong will is the best strategy to make your life different and your dreams come true.




This part is: you must write a composition, the title is: the change of people's daily expenses your composition should be written on the following table. The following Chinese is the change of people's daily expenses. The table shows the huge changes from year to year, and people's daily expenses have decreased, while the expenditure of the people's daily living and clothing increased to year, and the statistics of rise and fall seem to be similar It seems to exist in isolation, but it is closely related.

These changes in economic development have two factors: the increase in income brought by economic growth plays an important role in the reduction of food expenditure. Therefore, a small part of the total income is enough to cover food costs. Another reason is that when people don't worry about food, the lifestyle changes.

Because of this change, people begin to pay more attention to handsome appearance and happy leisure time. From the above analysis, people's spending on clothing and entertainment increases year by year. We can draw the conclusion that: from year to year, with the further economic growth and lifestyle changes, the people will be able to reach the conclusion that from year to year, with the further economic growth and lifestyle changes, people pay more attention to handsome appearance and happy leisure time Living standards are improving and the trends shown in the table will continue to move in a better direction.



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