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关于”压力减少的相关“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Correlation of stress reduction。以下是关于压力减少的相关的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Correlation of stress reduction

As the government provides funds for these two areas, where there is no competition, no impetus for improvement and innovation, service providers in related fields do not have to compete for market share. Therefore, there is no progress in medical services and medical technology. I think individuals should be responsible for their own education and health care costs, because the burden of all costs is almost beyond the government budget Co financing may inhibit competition and reduce the efficiency of relevant departments.




A healthy stock market is considered to be a market in which fundamentals and the economy determine price changes, leading to divergence among industries and sectors, and different industries have different responses to the macro economy high correlation eases the fluctuation that all industries tend to rise and fall together we hope to see the decoupling of correlation, but it requires greater confidence in the market, Timothy Barry Knapp, head of US equity capital markets at Macquarie capital and head of US equity strategy at Barclays, said the high option premium on the volatility index for more than a month suggests that investors are aware that correlation may intensify in the context of fiscal gridlock in Washington. We believe that as a company, due to the risk of a surge in macro correlation (Macquarie capital), investors tend to buy the volatility exposure (Timothy Gould) in March and April. Correlation is not a new problem.

Rutgers A paper by a university scholar on the changes of stock prices in the s and s found that the excessive co movement of stock returns, as the author calls it, increased significantly during the boom period, which is a signal feature of the early s turbulent market. Today, investors have a similar sense of frustration, because the high correlation intensifies the pricing of active stock pickers and investors seeking to release opportunities inefficiency. The current trend at Rutgers University is firm and confusing and frustrating for stock pickers, says Mr Gould, chief investment officer at Harris private bank.

As more investors buy and sell ETFs and indices, it helps to maintain a higher correlation between industries (Harris private Bank) · (Jack Ablin when you have tools that you want to mimic the market, it automatically increases the relevance, because fewer and fewer people are making targeted bets.


一个健康的股票市场被认为是一个基本面和经济决定价格变化的市场,导致各行业部门之间的分歧,各行业对宏观经济的反应各不相同 高相关性缓解了所有行业倾向于一起涨跌的波动 我们很希望看到相关性的脱钩,但这需要对市场有更大的信心,Timothy Gould说,麦格理资本(Macquarie capital)美国股票资本市场主管巴里•克纳普(Barry Knapp),巴克莱(Barclays)美国股票策略主管,他表示,波动率指数超过一个月的期权溢价较高,表明投资者注意到,在华盛顿财政僵局的背景下,相关性可能会加剧。我们认为,作为一家公司,由于宏观相关性激增的风险(麦格理资本),投资者倾向于购买3月和4月的波动率敞口(Timothy Gould)相关性并不是一个新问题,罗格斯大学(Rutgers University)学者对年代和年代股票价格变动的一篇论文发现,作者所称的股票收益的过度协动在繁荣时期显著增加,是早期s(巴克莱银行)动荡市场的一个信号特征如今,投资者也有类似的挫败感,因为高相关性加剧了活跃的选股者和寻求释放机会的投资者的定价效率低下。罗格斯大学(Rutgers University)目前的趋势是坚定的,对选股者来说是令人困惑和沮丧的,哈里斯私人银行(Harris Private Bank)首席投资官古尔德表示,随着越来越多的投资者买入和卖出etf和指数,这有助于保持行业之间更高的相关性(哈里斯私人银行(Harris Private Bank)•(Jack Ablin 当你拥有想要模仿市场的工具时,它会自动增加相关性,因为进行定向投注的人越来越少。


The single boll weight related to yield and quality traits was significantly correlated with the average length uniformity index in the first half of the year, significantly correlated with breaking strength, and negatively correlated with micronaire value. The elongation of lint and micronaire reached significant and extremely significant levels, which was half of the average There was a significant negative correlation between length uniformity index and breaking strength.



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