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关于”叙述描述“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Narrative description。以下是关于叙述描述的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Narrative description

Christmas is an annual festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The date of celebration is traditional and is not considered to be the actual date of Jesus' birth. Christmas celebrations usually combine commemorating the birth of Jesus with various secular customs.

In most parts of the world, many festivals are influenced by early winter festivals. Christmas is celebrated on the day before December. In Britain and many Commonwealth countries, boxing day is the second day, in Catholic countries it is December, and St.

Stephen's day or St. Stephen's Day is December The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas in January, and the Orthodox Church still uses the Julian calendar to celebrate Christmas in December, the more widely used month of the Gregorian calendar, because the two calendars are now separated by a few days. "Christmas" originated from the acronym "Christ mass", which originated from christmase in Medieval England and Cristes in Old English The phrase "m æ SSE" was first recorded in the early Greek versions of the New Testament.

The letter Χ (chi is the first letter of Christ since the middle of the fourteenth century), or similar Roman letter X, "Christmas" is the abbreviation of Christianity, so "Christmas" is often used as an abbreviation for Christmas. In the early 7th century, after the conversion of the Anglo Saxons in England, Christmas was called geol. The name of pre Christian solstice was derived from the present English word "Yule".

The importance of Christmas increased gradually after Charlemagne's coronation around the century. The remnants of the Roman tradition of pre Saturn were transferred to Christmas on December 12 A public festival, including ivy, Holly and other ivy, as well as the modern tradition of gift giving, includes the presentation of the Nativity scene, the holly and Christmas tree, the exchange of gifts and cards, and the Christmas theme of Santa Claus or Santa Claus on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, including the promotion of friendship and peace.


圣诞节是庆祝耶稣诞生的一年一度的节日。庆祝的日期是传统的,并不被认为是耶稣的实际出生日期。圣诞节庆典通常将纪念耶稣的诞生与各种世俗习俗相结合,在世界上大多数地方,许多节日都受到早期冬季节日的影响,圣诞节是在12月的前一天庆祝圣诞节,在英国和许多英联邦国家,节礼日是第二天,在天主教国家是十二月,圣斯蒂芬节或圣斯蒂芬节是十二月亚美尼亚使徒教会在一月庆祝圣诞节东正教教会仍然使用儒略历在朱利安版本的十二月庆祝圣诞节,也就是更广泛使用的公历的一月,因为这两个历法现在是相隔几天“Christmas”起源于“基督弥撒”的缩略词,它源于中世纪英国的Christemasse和古英语的Cristes mæsse,这一短语最早记录在《新约》的早期希腊版本中,字母Χ(chi是自十四世纪中叶以来基督的第一个字母(Χριστός),或类似的罗马字母X,“圣诞节”是基督教的缩写,因此,“圣诞节”通常被用作圣诞节的缩写。



"Do you like my skirt?" She asked a passing stranger, "my mother made it for me," and she said with tears in her eyes, "well, I think it's beautiful, so tell me, little one, why are you crying?" The little girl replied, "after mom made this dress for me, she had to go." well, now, "the lady said," there's a little girl like you waiting. " For her, I'm sure she'll be back soon. "No, ma'am, you don't understand," the child said with tears.

"My dad said she was in heaven with his grandfather now." Finally, the woman realized what the child meant and why she was crying and kneeling down. She gently held the child in her arms, and they cried together, crying for Gunnison's mother. The little girl did something that the woman thought was a little strange.

She stopped crying, stepped back from the woman and began to sing. She sang so softly, almost like a whisper, the sweetest voice the woman had ever heard, almost like the song that a bird explained to the lady after the child stopped singing. "My mother used to sing that song to me before she left.

She asked me to promise to sing it every time I started crying, which made me stop." look, "she cried, "Yes, now my eyes are dry.".





Today is mother's day, mother's day, I used my pocket money to buy a bunch of flowers for my mother in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to the market to buy vegetables and cooked a simple and delicious meal for the family. The family was very happy.

After dinner, I sent a card to my mother, telling her to pay attention to health, not to overwork, and to do some housework for my mother. My mother was moved to cry. She said that I was sensible and long Big.



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