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关于”波波维奇“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Gregg Popovich 。以下是关于波波维奇的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Gregg Popovich

Savage, an English writer, once lived in abject poverty in London. In order to make a little money, he wrote a story about his life, but there were not many books in the bookstore. Savage lived on his own ability.

He was very ill because of lack of food, but after a while, because of the doctor, he recovered. A week or two later, the doctor gave savage a medical bill, but poor savage had no money to pay. The doctor waited another month and sent another bill.

But there was still no money. A few weeks later, he sent him again for money. Finally, he came to savage's house and asked him for a reward.

He said to savage, "you know you owe me my life, and I hope you appreciate it." "I agree," savage said, "I owe you life and prove to you that I will not be ungrateful to your work, I will give my life to you." With these words, he handed him two volumes of the book, the life of Richard, the barbarian..







British writer Richard savage once lived in London. In order to earn a little money, he wrote a story about his life, but not many books were sold in the shops. Savage lived on his own.

He was very ill due to lack of food. But after a while, because of the doctor's skill, the doctor sent a bill to savage to see a doctor But poor savage has no money and can't afford it. The doctor waited another month and sent it again, but after a few weeks there was no money.

He sent him money again, and finally he came to savage's house to ask for his reward. He said to savage, "you know you owe me my life. I hope you can appreciate me.

I agree with savage that I owe you life and prove to you that I am not ungrateful to your work. I will dedicate my life to you in the words of two volumes of the life of Richard savage that he gave him.




Last summer, I, Du Bobo and Du Bobo sister were playing in a hotel in Beijing. Du Bobo said, "tomorrow it will go to Beijing primeval forest zoo. Last summer, I, Du Bobo, Du Bobo's elder sister led an exploration to the hotel in Beijing.

Du Bobo said," go to Beijing jungle animals tomorrow. "I'm one of them. I'm very happy to meet in the morning and then enter again After more than an hour's tour, we finally arrived at the gate of the destination.

Beautiful pictures were displayed in front of us: trees, grass and trees everywhere, flowers in full bloom, butterflies flying from time to time, and missed the introduction of some guides, so don't act alone, but walk in the forest, sometimes there are flocks of birds, which makes people feel depressed in the primitive forest fauna Fang, I heard the sound of cuckoo. My heart beat suddenly. A cold hand caught my heart.

I thought I, Dubo, a walking animal, a tourist group, walked from the back of the team. I saw a snake not far from the front, so I asked it to stop and discuss how to walk the snake to get close to it. I was a little impatient and said, "the snake is not poisonous.

Is it OK?" ”After that, I picked up a dry stick and caught the snake while listening to the wild animals' cry. My heart could resist jumping, and it could hurt people like beasts. I could not even walk.

I was afraid of cold sweat from wild animals. Although the weather was very hot, my whole body was shaking, and every cell in my body was boiling. The roots were creeping, and the tendons were moving faster and faster.

At the same time, the sound, and the silence, made people feel more and more I stopped for a while and had a rest. I heard the scream of the tour group. They caught up with them and returned to a tour group with the carriage.

I was deeply relieved. I was really scared. When I left, I actually had the risk of attachment.

This made me grow up in adventure and can strengthen my will. I will never forget it.



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