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关于”成长“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:grow up。以下是关于成长的中考英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:grow up

When we were young, we were eager to grow up, so that we could break free from the dogma of our parents, and even left them far behind from childhood. We had to accept the instruction of teachers in school and endure the rambling talk of parents at home. These are the troubles of our growth.

In addition, learning, friendship, and sometimes campus love may trouble us, but as we grow up, we gradually find that the things mentioned above are not painful at all. For example, our brother, we may not be sensitive to simple happiness, and gradually lose our happiness, so we can hardly laugh from our heart. However, no matter what happens in our growing process, they are all part of our life.

We must accept them actively, and do not let pain hinder our happiness.




I promised my girlfriend a gold necklace for her birthday, but when the jeweler quoted the price of our favorite necklace, I let out a long, low whistle, then pointed to another tray and asked, "Sir, you, sir," the jeweler replied, "about three whistles.".




Saplings hope to grow into towering trees, eagles are eager to grow into soaring eagles. I also aspire to be a hero. My meritorious deeds will last forever.

I will grow up difficultly. I will grow up happily. I will be able to grow up quickly in the later stage of my life.

When I grow up, I can swing my badminton fan like Zhuge Liang, "laugh and paddle on the mast". I can be a soldier and fight for the freedom of our motherland, and experience the "drunken battlefield Junmo" Rauh, from ancient times to the present, several people have come back to "solemn and stirring, I can take the burden for my parents, smooth the wrinkles around the corner of my eyes, and do something about filial piety in the apartment. These are childhood growth dreams, but the growth is so long.

Although we have grown up for more than ten years, we are still far from the dream. We are not mature. Our growth is still very naive, the road is still long and tortuous , full of thorns, even in the abyss of growth, wind and rain, only smile to deal with these setbacks, can we grow better in our growth, with tears in our eyes, with loss, and sometimes with the idea of "disillusionment".

Growth can take the meaning of human beings as a challenge and face difficulties with a positive attitude. As long as you persist in the end, you will succeed, and the trap and abyss of growth will become Changzhong should always keep sober, don't panic on the battlefield, calm yourself and want to twitch. It will not cause the regret of "a slip of smoke into eternal regret".

To deal with various difficulties, the growth of plum blossom is not far away from maturity. For example, the growth of plum blossom is the hardship and happiness of happiness. It is a pair of twin sisters, which will always accompany our every growing day.



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