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关于”写我的学校开头结尾“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Write the beginning and the end of my school。以下是关于写我的学校开头结尾的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write the beginning and the end of my school

My school is very beautiful. I like my school very much. My school has a big playground.

We have physical education on the playground. We often do sports on it. Our teaching building has five floors.

My classroom is on the fifth floor. It is big and clean. The computer room is on the third floor.

There is a library on the second floor. There are many books in the library. I often read here.

There are music room and art room in the teaching building. The teachers in my school are also very kind. The students are polite and intelligent.

I am very happy at school, so I love my school.





As far as eae8aadafis is concerned, it is self-evident and certain to say that, as the proverb says, it must be noted that it is generally believed that it is very difficult to say that it is necessary to pay special attention to the undeniable fact that nothing is more important than this. More importantly, a proper example is the same as the situation mentioned in the previous paragraph, but the problem is not so simple, but unfortunately, Although, in fact, we believe that the difficulty lies in the same, we should note that, given the current situation, as mentioned above in this regard, we may say that we have to look at the other side of the coin, that is to say, therefore, we have reason to believe that, considering all things, it can be safely said, therefore, in my opinion, from the above discussion Let's see, this is more sensible. We can come to the conclusion that data / statistics / figures lead us to conclusions, and we can draw conclusions from the discussion.

From my point of view, it is better for us to illustrate this point. Let's take the chart above as an example to illustrate this point. Here is another example, for example, the same example, this example provides A typical example is given.

We can refer to a common example.




Writing is an art that you may not be able to explore immediately. It will go through a period of continuous practice. The article comes from the French word essai, which means effort and sketch.

So the effort you put into your work is to get an echo result, because it is a kind of freedom. When you write down your expression, the stream in your mind is different from other academic assignments you get, Writing and prose is a kind of writing. You can write down your feelings.

Of course, you should remember the author's description of the thoughts and words you are digging, and then make your ideas have different changes. In short, it is very difficult to give a title to your work. You must summarize it.

Your teacher said that your whole idea of writing in the title should explain everything, so Sometimes the best way to get a title is to start from below, that is to write your article, and then when you write, something interesting will move you, put it in the title, your article has different writing styles, no one wants to read monotonous narrative writing style - your writing style has metaphor, comparison, exaggeration, unpredictable conclusion, interesting phrases and high Take some essays written by English proficient authors and tell a story in a story. Interesting ways run through their word and sentence structures. The beginning and the end of the paragraph, the connection between the paragraphs, and of course, the beginning and end of the paragraph.

Then practice your writing skills: plan your essay in advance Don't write a plan immediately before you start jot down the main ideas, supporting paragraphs and key points write clear and simple sentences and express your meaning in simple words focus on the main idea of your article finally reread your article when writing, you are likely to make some spelling or grammatical mistakes, so it is better to read your article again and correct it.


写作是一门你可能无法立即摸索的艺术,它会经过一段时间的不断练习,文章来自法语单词essai,意为努力和素描,所以你在工作中付出的努力是为了得到一个回响的结果,因为这是一种自由,当你写下你的表达你脑海中的那条溪流与你得到的其他学术作业不同,写作和散文并茂是一种写作,你可以写下你的感受,当然要记住作者对你正在挖掘的思想和文字的描述,然后让你的想法有不同的转变,简而言之,给你的作品起个标题是很难的,你必须把它概括起来你的老师说,你在题目中写作的整个思路应该能说明一切,所以有时候获得题目的最好方法是从下面开始写,即写你的文章,然后在写的时候,一些有趣的东西会打动你,把它放在标题里,你的文章有不同的写作风格没有人愿意阅读单调的叙事写作风格——你的写作风格有隐喻、比较、夸张、不可预测的结论、有趣的短语和高潮的结尾,但这当然不会突然出现在你的脑海中‰拿一些精通英语的作者写的随笔书,用一个故事讲述一个故事有趣的方式贯穿于他们的单词和句子结构段落的开头和结尾,段落之间的联系因素,当然还有开头和结尾,然后练习你的写作技巧:提前计划好你的文章 在开始之前不要马上写计划 简要记下主要思想、支持段落和要点 写清楚简单的句子,用简单的话表达你的意思 专注于你的文章的主旨 最后重读你的文章 写作时,你很可能会犯一些拼写或语法错误,因此最好把你的文章再读一遍并改正。

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