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When we turn on the TV, we see more and more entertainment programs appearing in provincial TV stations and even nationwide. Big stars, famous actors and pop singers participate in various programs, talk about their careers, play interesting games, or publicize their latest movies and TV stations, so as to gain higher ratings through popularity. Popular entertainment programs become a phenomenon because We are now living in an eye-catching network, which requires page views, movie directors need box office, and TV stations need advertising channels.

Those with the highest exposure rate are likely to win more entertainment programs, just like an eye-catching platform. However, most of these events are attractive and may mislead teenagers' views on life, and TV stations have lost them Our traditional audience, a college student, I think entertainment is just a bubble entertainment. When we seek truth and serious life answers, we must turn to books and news programs, not these stars.




How do movies and television affect people's behavior? Support your answer with some reasons and specific examples. There is no doubt that watching TV and movies will affect people's behavior. It seems that people spend more and more time watching some kind of visual entertainment, whether it is TV, video or DVD.

Therefore, the effect of visual media can not be ignored. One of the obvious effects of these media is that watching them can induce people to buy certain products. TV advertisements are very common, and now, even cinemas allow advertisements, TV and movies.

Another way to influence people is to let people see a wider world or a distorted world, what kind of programs to watch, and people who watch news and educational programs can learn a lot Many new things, and those who mainly watch entertainment programs may believe that most people in the world have great wealth and beauty, which may eventually make them dissatisfied with their lives. Perhaps the most vulnerable audience is children, who may not be able to distinguish between facts and fictions, and may try to imitate the behaviors they see on TV or movies With the increasing popularity of frequency entertainment, the society must pay attention to these effects. Although TV and movies are entertaining and informative, they can not replace real experience.




There are many programs on TV, and they are very interesting. My favorite TV show is animal world, because I like animals very much. The most important thing is that this program is very good and attractive.

The host told some interesting stories in the animal world. I know the relationship between different kinds of animals. However, the most significant thing between animals and humans is that it brings me a sense of protecting animals.

I think this is what this program wants to tell you.




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