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A study in Shanghai found that girls surpassed boys in all grades from primary school to university. Data collected from almost all surveys show that in Shanghai, the average scores of girls in all subjects from grade to grade are higher than that of male students. Because the difference in English subjects is the most significant, the imbalance is also reflected in male and Female Freshmen The number of female students enrolled in universities across the country has increased a lot.

Most education experts claim that the current education system, including its methods and rewards, is more feminine than boys, girls are more self disciplined and careful, and naturally score higher on tests that require good memory skills. Better performance in the lower grades will help to improve girls' self-confidence and maintain this level throughout the school. Social science says that boys are not isolated cases on the starting line, but "a whole and continuous problem".

He is more concerned about the possible negative impact on the whole male population and social development.




Listening plays an important role in English learning, so every English learner should strive to improve his listening ability. First of all, listeners can read more to enrich their vocabulary; second, they should understand the theme of the material before listening; third, when listening, they should try to focus on sentences or phrases rather than single words. They'd better write down some key information, such as number, date, time, direction, place, etc.

Finally, they can listen to some English songs to entertain themselves, or they can practice listening. They can start with boring rhymes, because they are easy to understand, and it's useful to read the material over and over again. After reading, remember that the more you practice, the more you gain.





My name is Beth. I am a year old. I study in Huian No.2 Middle School.

My school is very big and beautiful. I am very happy in school. I usually get up in the morning and then I do morning exercises on the playground.

I have breakfast. You can see a lot of students and teachers in the dining room after dinner. I often read English with me.

Classmates, we have six classes every day. The first class starts from all the lessons I like because of me My favorite subject is English, so I take part in English corner every week. I can speak English with many other students.

I think it is very helpful for me to learn English. English is very good. After class, I always play games with my friends.

We play basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and so on. They all relax me Like my class, my friends and my teachers, I love my school, I found my school life more and more meaningful and colorful, my school life is beautiful, when I came to school, my first impression is, this is what a wonderful scene, is a lot of strange and friendly faces I met, you know my teacher, my classmates, classmates They are showing their generous and friendly manor, which is my memory. We study in the beautiful school, because the school is our place.

In order to study, we have the responsibility to keep it clean and tidy. We should not spit everywhere, pour bitter water, paint on the wall. We should insist on cleaning the classroom.

Of course, we should also pay attention to our own hygiene and develop good hygiene habits Accustomed to.



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