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关于”适合生背“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Suitable for raw back。以下是关于适合生背的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Suitable for raw back

In Japan today, I spend time reading a favorite haiku and saying these words over and over again. It feels like eating the same small and perfect grapes. I recited it over and over, letting its letters float in the air of every room.

I stood by the piano's great silence, speaking in front of a painting "the sea," tapping its rhythm on an empty shelf. I listened to myself, and then I said it didn't listen, and then I heard it not say it. When the dog looked up at me, I knelt on the floor and whispered to each of its long white ears, this is about the oneton temple bell and moths sleeping on its surface Every time I say, when I speak at the window, I feel the huge pressure of moths on the surface of the iron bell.

The clock is the world. I am the moth resting in front of the mirror. I am the heavy bell.

The moth is the life with paper wings. Later, when I say to you in the dark, you are the clock, I am the bell tongue. I call you.

The moth has left its line and is like on our bed A hinge moves the rider Naomi Shihab in the air Nye, a boy told me that if he skates fast enough and his loneliness can't catch up with him, the best reason I've ever heard of to be a champion is that tonight I'm riding my bike hard on King William Street. When you float freely in a sudden cloud of azaleas, pink petals never feel lonely, no matter how slow they are, whether they can be transformed or not For a kind of bicycle victory, let you gasp at a street corner and fall.


今天的日本我花时间读一首最喜欢的俳句,一遍又一遍地说这几个字,感觉就像是在吃同样的小而完美的葡萄。我一遍又一遍地背诵着它,让它的字母飘落在每个房间的空气中。我站在钢琴的大沉默旁,在一幅画《大海》面前说出来在一个空架子上敲出它的节奏我听自己说,然后我说它没有听,然后我听到它没有说它,当狗抬头看着我,我跪在地板上,对它的每一个长长的白色耳朵耳边低语,这是一个关于欧尼顿庙铃和蛾子睡在它的表面,每次我说,当我在窗边说的时候,我感觉到铁铃表面飞蛾的巨大压力,钟是世界,我是在镜子前休息的蛾子,我是沉重的铃铛,蛾子是长着纸翅膀的生命,后来,当我在黑暗中对你说,你就是钟,我是铃舌,打电话给你,飞蛾已经飞离了它的线,在我们的床上像一个铰链在空中移动骑手Naomi Shihab Nye一个男孩告诉我,如果他滑得够快,他的孤独感追不上他,我听说过要成为冠军的最好的理由是,今晚我在威廉国王街上艰难地骑着自行车,当你自由地漂浮在一片突如其来的杜鹃花的云朵中,粉红色的花瓣从来没有感到过孤独,不管它们有多慢,它是否能转化为自行车的一种胜利,让你在某个街角喘着气摔倒。


Youth is not a period of life, it is a state of mind, not rosy cheeks, red lips and soft knees. It is a matter of will, a quality of imagination, a vigor of emotion. It is the spring freshness of life.

Youth means courage over cowardice, and the desire to take risks more than love. It often exists in a person who is more than a nobody. It is just because we grow older that we give up our ideals and grow old.

Ears may wrinkle the skin, but to lose enthusiasm wrinkles the soul, fear, inferiority, distort the mind, turn the spirit into dust, whether or not there is a miracle in everyone's heart. There is a radio station for the endless child like desire for the next step, and the joy of the game that lives in you and me. There is a radio station, as long as it receives from humanity and from infinity As long as you are young when the antenna is down, your spirit is covered by the snow of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, and then you grow old.

Even if you set up the antenna to catch the waves of optimism, there is hope that you will die young.





On this day, I choose life, not just to pass the time, but to use the millisecond between my breath and my sigh. On this day, I will make up for the time lost due to living between my thoughts and actions. I will give full play to my potential.

God's grace is infinite. On this day, I will help others find the greatest gift. When we pursue success and happiness in our life, I will admit that I am a great creation and can achieve the greatest success.

I am a human being There has never been a kind of person in history, and there has never been another me. I have a goal, a mission, and a responsibility to accomplish these goals. On this day, I will celebrate as if this is my birthday and time is my gift.

In the dark, I will cherish the sunrise. I will fill my lungs with the fragrance of life and consume these colors. Like a dinner for the king, I will taste the red and yellow flowers, bathe in the blue sky and green grass at the darkest moment of the day, and my soul will light the path of rest, because I know that I have not wasted anything to set goals, why goals are important.




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