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This summer vacation, my family and I went to Dalian. We went to Dalian by plane. Dalian is a very beautiful and modern city.

In the morning, we can see all kinds of buildings are very beautiful. After breakfast, we went to our hotel. We started our journey.

First, we took the bus to the ocean park, where there are many different kinds of fish. I can't believe me After lunch, we went swimming. The sea was blue and the beach was golden.

We all liked it. We finally went back to our hotel. We had a good day on this trip.

We also went to some interesting and famous places in Dalian Fang, go shopping. A few days later, we left Dalian on our way home. We were very happy.

That's why we didn't feel tired at all. We had a good holiday.




On a sunny Sunday in June, I was shopping in a shop. Suddenly, a Canadian girl came in. I saw her worried.

So I asked her what happened. She told me that she wanted to buy a pair of trousers, but the salesman didn't understand English. I heard about it, so I decided to help her.

Finally, she bought her favorite pants. She said that she was very grateful to me, and I felt that I'm very happy. I can talk to foreigners.




The social environment is complex, with the higher and higher degree of socialization in Colleges and universities, the Security Department of colleges and universities should, according to the characteristics of all kinds of fraud crimes, strengthen the investigation and punishment, on the one hand, strengthen education management and safety management, so as to control the employees in the society on campus, maintain social order, which is not conducive to the campus and is beneficial to the cheaters The special education should be carried out to inform the students in a wide range of cases when they are cheated, so that students can understand the tricks of the fraudsters in time, learn to protect themselves, do not covet to defraud the interests of students in daily life, go out to work study program, make sure the actual situation through appropriate ways, and objectively and calmly analyze and investigate the recruitment advertisements of college students in the society, Especially for those advertisements with good treatment and strong temptation, we should ask why we should prevent recruitment traps. We should avoid simple fever, avoid replacing reason with emotion, and advocate helping others. At the same time of love, we should really know each other's true identity and intention.

We should be vigilant. We should not believe our own words. We should not make friends with blind sympathy, but we should be careful The sense of communication should have feelings, and simple emotions, constantly "follow the feelings", tend to believe in the material attention of individuals and families, constantly hide the University in the collective life, avoid contact with others, and communicate with people in a proper way.

In principle, in the case of not fully understanding each other's situation, don't easily keep a high degree of vigilance with family's personal information details, and actively crack down on fraud points The sub schools should strengthen the safety education so that more college students can enhance their safety awareness and self-protection ability and actively fight against crimes.



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