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关于”野性的呼唤的读后感“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The call of the wild。以下是关于野性的呼唤的读后感的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The call of the wild

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He sang a young song of the world, the song of social life (Chapter 7 the voice of the wild). When the last sentence disappeared from my eyes, I could still feel the echo of a song. This wild song broke my dizzy soul.

It always happily sank into the so-called civilized world without questioning wild nature. It is no longer a symbol of jungle law. It is the source of love, passion, courage, loyalty, friendship, adventure, competition and tolerance.

These virtues can be seen everywhere in the call of the wild. Jack London is a world-famous novelist. His novels successfully reflect the contradictory views of human beings on nature and fate in the wilderness.

His concept of "fighting for survival" has made him and his works popular forever. In particular, the call of the wild tells of a huge dog named Buck, who is stolen from a rich and comfortable home and forced to be forced to fight for survival The story of buck, an Alaskan sled dog, was too savage for human beings until he happened to meet his beloved good-natured man, John Thornton. John's accidental death broke the last shackles of the stag and brought him into the field he had long longed for.

Buck and John just accepted their call, and when buck thought that he would leave him one day Master John, all he has to do is help him finish the gold rush. He "never stops day and night, never stops. In despair, he suddenly makes a long journey without leaving him (John)" (Chapter 7 voice of the wild).

Buck hopes to always remember the image of John. He "stayed for two days" and never left camp at night. He never let Thornton leave his sight.

He was working Follow him, watch him wrap himself up in the blanket at night and come out of the blanket in the morning "(Chapter 7) when I read these words, I can't help but shed tears. On the other hand, a real man can devote himself to loyalty and friendship in this way. John Thornton is not only a dog lover, but also a brave and adventurous man.

He is so straightforward and simple, once he puts it into practice If a goal is firmly rooted in his heart, he will become an easygoing person. It seems that nothing can stop him from completing it. Besides death, I don't know whether persistence is the most important factor to make a person succeed, but I know that once you occupy it, you are not far away from success.




I have a book called the call of the wild. I bought it in Xinhua bookstore. It cost me yuan.

The cover of the book is black and green, and there are copies of the story read more than three times. I am always moved by the experience and character of dog barking and growing up. I realize that every life is to adapt to nature, including wild and competitive.

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我有一本书,名字叫《野性的呼唤》,我在新华书店买的,花了我元。这本书的封面是黑色和绿色的,里面有读过三次以上故事的副本,我总是被狗吠叫成长的经历和性格所打动,我意识到每一个生命都是为了适应自然,包括野性和竞争性。因为我想读杰克·伦敦的另一部作品,如果有人愿意和我交换这本书,我想把这本书换成杰克·伦敦的《白牙》,请与我联系或发送电子邮件至@qcom Id。


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