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A lot of people think that big income equals success. I believe that success is not just about how much money you make. Success is also measured by reputation, respect and knowledge.

Fame is a way to show success. Many scientists and researchers have made great contributions to our country. They don't have much wealth, but they are famous all over the world.

No one can say they didn't succeed. I also believe that being respected by colleagues means success. Without that respect, money means nothing.

We only call those who are rich but not respected "they are rich" and so on. For those who are respected, what we want to say is "this guy is so wonderful, he has succeeded all his life"; "in short, we remember people who are not only rich in general, but also influential people in politics, or in science, art or art People who contribute to religion. If history is the ultimate measure of success, then money is certainly not everything.







Everyone wants money so that he can make a living. In other words, money is so useful that human beings cannot survive without it. Therefore, we have an interesting proverb.

It says that money can make the world work. Money is stronger than anything else. Money should not be wasted.

It must be used for proper purposes. We young people should develop the good habit of not spending money indiscriminately.




Most people think that we can do anything with money. If you have a lot of money, you are considered successful. If you don't have money, you will be looked down upon.

Money can make us live a rich life, but not necessarily a happy life. Sometimes some people do some bad things to make money, so they are not happy, because they are always afraid that we should make money and spend reasonably. Money is necessary in our life.

When we have a lot of money, we will have a rich life. Most people think that if we have money, we can do anything. I don't think so.

Some people have a lot of money but they are not happy because their money is obtained by improper means. They always live a life of fear. Money often makes people do bad things.

Even if it is illegal activities, we should make money. If we use it reasonably, we will be happy wealth.





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