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关于”写推荐读三国演义的理由“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Reasons for recommending reading the romance of the Three Kingdoms。以下是关于写推荐读三国演义的理由的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Reasons for recommending reading the romance of the Three Kingdoms

Liu Bei Xu haoying was a general, warlord, and later the founding emperor of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period. Although he started later than his rivals, he also lacked the material resources and social status they had mastered. Liu Bei overcame many failures and opened up his own kingdom.

The heyday of Liu Bei's culture spanned modern Sichuan, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, Gansu and other places In the novel the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei is praised as an ideal benevolent and benevolent ruler. He cares about the people and selects excellent advisers. His character is to advocate the Confucian moral outlook.

Zhang Fei (A.D.) is a general of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period. Zhang Fei is proved to be a flexible general, not just a soldier. He respects his superiors But he has no respect for his subordinates.

Liu Bei often warned him that he had the habit of punishing himself excessively. His soldiers would eventually bring disaster to himself by whipping and killing. Zhang Fei married Xia Houyuan's daughter.

Xia Houyuan was captured by Zhang Fei's troops when he went out to collect firewood. They had two daughters. The eldest daughter married to Liu Shan and became the queen of Shu Han.

After Zhang Fei's eldest daughter died for some reason, Zhuge Liang acted as matchmaker Shan also married Zhang Fei's younger daughter. The description and behavior in the romance of the Three Kingdoms is the best portrayal of Zhang Fei. Some people say that Zhang Fei is also an excellent painter.

Zhang Fei was killed by his subordinates Zhang Da and fan Jiang. Zhang Da and fan Jiang prepare to attack their opponent, Dongwu, to avenge Guan Yu's death.




The romance of the Three Kingdoms is the first historical novel in China. The description of the war mainly reflects the background of the Yellow turban uprising, rebellion against Dong, Three Kingdoms and feudal lords fighting for the five great emperors of Shanxi by a political group of Wu Zetian for political and military struggle. The magnificent battle scene is divided into two lines of 36 meters, which includes both peach music plot and peach music plot The war art "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" embodies rich historical contents, including names of people, names of people, and main events.

The characters are all left on the basis of the fixed images in the romance of the Three Kingdoms. They are just for play, exaggeration, beautification and ugliness. On the one hand, the romance of the Three Kingdoms reflects the real history of the Three Kingdoms and takes care of it On the other hand, readers want to know the real needs of history.

They exaggerate, beautify and vilify the three people according to the actual situation of the Ming Dynasty. The romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the four famous works in China. Its full name is the romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The author is Luo Guanzhong, a Chinese novelist in Yuanmou and early Ming Dynasty. It is the first historical novel describing the history of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Western Jin Dynasty It reflects the political and military struggles in the Three Kingdoms period, reflects various social contradictions and struggles in the transition period of the Three Kingdoms period, summarizes the historical changes, and creates a number of heroes with all-round abilities.




As we all know, literary works are precious wealth in Chinese traditional culture and loved by thousands of people. The literary works "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "journey to the west", "outlaws of the marsh" and "dream of Red Mansions" are four famous works in China. The romance of the three Kingdoms is my favorite novel based on the historical facts of the late Eastern Han Dynasty, which is about Wei, Shu and Wu In the story of the three kings, their emperors are Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Yat Sen.

in order to establish a United Kingdom, they fought against each other for decades. Unfortunately, no one could achieve their goal before the unification of the kingdom. They died, and the kingdom was finally unified by Sima Chao, who had helped Cao Cao.

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is not only interesting, but also teaches us a great thing that is useful to everyone, especially students. There are many versions of it for different people. I read it two or three times.

When I read it, I can get a lot of friends who are so interested and familiar with it that I can tell stories in my own words. If you haven't read it, read it. It's very useful for you.




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