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关于”考试反思“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Examination reflection。以下是关于考试反思的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Examination reflection

Dear English teacher, I'm sorry that I didn't get good grades in the midterm exam. My English is not good because I didn't pay more attention to English and spend less time on English. I don't have a lot of reading and writing, so this time my reading and writing are very poor.

I know that I am too careless, so from now on, I will try my best to learn English, put my efforts on English learning, I should do my homework carefully, if I have any difficulties, I will ask you and my classmates, I will do more reading and writing, when I am free, thank you for your kindness ha ha.




To cultivate your reading habits, we can say that the more one reads, the easier it is to understand. In other words, from reading to individuals, the more inclined they are to read, and more reading habits can be obtained from understanding. In fact, reading is cultivated by reading itself.

Now let's discuss the problem of reading. Books of various disciplines, such as history, literature, philosophy, science, fine arts, etc., should be studied from the public You will feel at a loss when you choose the best book in the Department. Therefore, I suggest that before you start reading any book, you should first understand what others have done before you, that is, read the fruits of other people's labor.

Usually newspapers or magazines are your convenient guide to the best writing world. Another problem is how to read here. I will offer two suggestions: collection You can't understand what's said well unless you focus your thoughts on what you read, and then you have to think about what you read.

This is a kind of reflection, which helps to summarize your reading to a great extent. Concentration and meditation are interdependent reading habits. Once you are free, it will prove that it is very valuable to you.

You will not go to any happy place, but go to the bookshelf. When you are alone, you will not feel lonely, because you can see all kinds of characters on the page If you move up and move, you can hear all kinds of sounds. In the long run, your imagination will be enhanced, your aesthetic ability will be improved, your vocabulary will also be increased, and finally your writing ability will be greatly improved.

In the process of reading, you will find more reading problems and suggestions. Choosing reading materials and learning how to read from others * attention * introspective advantage * no loneliness * greater imagination * larger vocabulary * better aesthetic feeling * improve the writing ability of CET-4. CET-4 has a certain tendency, which can be said to be inclined to + V feeling at sea, concentration of + V and concentration of reflection.

One's thinking is thinking In the examination, or to a certain extent, we should consider the conclusion that V is not lonely when we are alone. All kinds of characters move and act on the pages of the book. In the long run, our aesthetic sense will be enhanced.





At that time, it seems that I have witnessed a lot of things in my heart since I have been studying in junior high school, because I have never seen a lot of things in my heart Small, but now we have to laugh back to the road we have gone through. I summarize the following points: in learning, I know the importance of learning. I think facing knowledge is power, leaving knowledge will be useless ruins.

High school is the golden age of learning modern scientific knowledge. I should seize this opportunity and arm my mind with knowledge. Knowledge is a good time to arrange time reasonably Machine, well allocated time for study, work and entertainment is the premise and foundation of learning, efficiency and method are more important.

Secondly, we should complete the quality and quantity of teacher's work, seriously test, study hard at ordinary times, expand our own knowledge, seize the time to study the problems frequently raised, discuss with classmates, consult with teachers, OK, the relationship between teachers and students is closer In the mid-term examination, although I feel good, it is still not ideal. I still need to continue to work hard to lose my knowledge. There is no limit to my learning, there is no limit to exploration, and there is no limit to human development.

I still have a lot of knowledge to learn. I want to determine the future development goals. Of course, I also need to have confidence in the future, which requires the teachers and students to train hard and sincerely help I have to work hard.



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