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关于”,写自己的一件事“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Write one thing about yourself。以下是关于,写自己的一件事的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write one thing about yourself

How to learn English effectively and learn another language is never easy. English is not an easy thing. Therefore, there are some key factors to improve the efficiency of English learning.

Perseverance is an important rule in learning English, not to mention those native speakers who expand their ability by reading books and literary works It's time to continue reading books written in English. From elementary to advanced, it's also helpful to keep a diary in English, because it can help you learn how to use grammar and arrange words correctly, especially how to learn English effectively. Another language has never been easy, and English is not an easy thing.

There are some key factors that will make you learn English well. Perseverance is an important rule in learning English, not to mention those native speakers who constantly read books and literary works in order to expand their understanding of English. You should continue to read books written in English.

From elementary to advanced, it is also helpful to keep a diary in English, because it can help you learn to use grammar and arrange words correctly, especially for all English learners The last thing you should know is to use English in practice. It doesn't matter whether you say hello, chat with foreigners on the street, or speak English with your mouth wide in the mirror. As long as you put what you have learned into practice, you will surely make great progress in English after "practice makes perfect".




Prerequisites for success: for the second part, you can write an article about concentration in a few minutes, quoting the phrase "do one thing at a time, and then do it well.". You can give examples to illustrate your point. You should write at least a few words, but not more than words.

When we talk about celebrities, focusing is the premise of success. As the saying goes, "do one thing at a time, do it well". We should not simply label it as right or wrong, but explore it in depth.

The meaning conveyed by this proverb is clear and profound. It shows that concentration is very important and a prerequisite for success. On the one hand, for our students, concentration is an indispensable factor in saving valuable time and improving learning efficiency.

If we do not pay attention to learning, how can we achieve the maximum effect in the shortest time Concentration can lead to negative consequences, sometimes dangerous. For example, if a driver's thoughts are scattered, or his mind moves from one thing to another, what he said before may be a terrible accident. We should be more aware of the importance of concentration.

Only by concentrating can we do what we want to do more effectively and achieve success more smoothly.





One winter morning, it was snowing outside, and I got up as usual after breakfast to get ready for school. Just as I was about to leave, Albert pulled me back and stared at me. She hung my pants in her mouth.

I couldn't move. Come back. You're the smartest person in the world.

I'll see you after school, but she won't let me go. Then mom came out and carried her to the room. I saw something sad in her big black eyes.

I was sure, but I didn't know that when I went back in the evening, I walked in and called her name excitedly. But she had been gone for a long time and I couldn't see her again. I thought of those sad eyes.

So I went to ask my mother that we sent Albury to our friend in Inner Mongolia, who came last Monday Pick, I know this is the last face I can see, she told me, but I don't care, soon I cried, my heart was full of sadness. Burt is a dog, it gives me a lot of happiness, and I never cherish the happy time with her when I was in Inner Mongolia, until she left me forever, these things will happen every day, so we had better have a grateful heart, pay more attention to those valuable things in life, just like Albert never regrets after losing.




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