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关于”当律师的原因“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The reasons for being a lawyer。以下是关于当律师的原因的五年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The reasons for being a lawyer

The law protects citizens who have been unlawfully deprived of their liberty. If you are the subject of malicious arrest by the police or other state or federal officials without proper reason, or if someone has deprived you of your liberty, you can claim damages, including attorney's fees. Your rights are guaranteed in the U.S.

Constitution and state common law. Illegal detention is often charged by a person, and he or she was arrested illegally. If the police have no reasonable reason to arrest you, you can sue for illegal detention.

Illegal detention is actually just an illegal detention. When there are enough facts for a reasonable person to conclude that you are committing a crime or have committed a crime, the police may have reasons to do so. This is a very high standard , which is much higher than what the police need just to be suspicious, in order to briefly prevent you from investigating a possible criminal activity if you feel that you are a victim.

Illegal imprisonment or illegal arrest you may want to contact a lawyer is crucial in many such cases. In some cases, if you do not file a claim within a short period of time after the date of occurrence, please contact the law Teacher talk.




A farmer walked into a law firm and said I wanted to find a lawyer. I believe I can help you apply for a lawyer. Do you have any land? Did you ask the farmer to tell me there is an acre behind the house.

I mean, you have a case to ask if the lawyer didn't hand over the farm. I'm John Deere. Don't you know what? Understand? The lawyer says you need a little bit of resentment, says the farmer.

I gave me one of these things. I put the deer in the lawyer's place. It's a bit frustrating reaction.

You have to have a reason to divorce your wife. Did she beat you or didn't give up the last of farmer's little brother before she got up An angry lawyer. Why do you want a divorce? He replied that we could not communicate.





A trained and licensed attorney who prepares, manages, prosecutes, or defends court proceedings as the agent of another person and advises on legal matters that may or may not require court action. A lawyer applies the law to specific cases. He investigates facts and evidence by consulting with clients and reviewing documents.

He prepares and submits pleadings in court. He introduces evidence and questions A witness, debating legal and factual issues. If he fails to win a case, he can seek new trial or relief in the court of appeal.

In many cases, lawyers can resolve the case without trial through negotiation and settlement. In addition, the law gives individuals the right to arrange and determine their legal rights in various ways in many affairs, such as by will, contract or articles of association, In the century, lawyers assisted in many of these arrangements. A rapidly growing area of lawyers is the representation of clients in the Executive Council, the courts and the Legislative Council.

Lawyers have several loyalties in their work, including to their clients, to the judiciary, to society, to their associates in practice, and when these loyalties conflict, professional standards are designed to achieve reconciliation. Legal practice varies from country to country in the United Kingdom. Lawyers are divided into barristers and lawyers who defend in the high court, and lawyers who work and defend in lower courts in the United States are usually specialized The Department is engaged in a limited field of law, such as criminal, divorce, corporation, probate or personal injury, although many lawyers are involved in general practice.



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