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关于”浏览呈坎“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:View Chengkan。以下是关于浏览呈坎的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:View Chengkan

Candice, a one-year-old photographer, has a passion for two things: her golden retriever, champion, and photography. In the past few years, she has successfully combined these two things. Candice has received nine weeks of champion from her father as a gift.

When she started taking pictures for Chapp, she was only years old, which was to create a personal memory, but found that Champ was a day After the birth of a model, she decided to make full use of this. Candace has taken close-up photos of champ in the past seven years. Now she has three photo cards all over the country, surrounded by bubbles, autumn leaves and butterflies.

Since her father's accidental death in Chapp, Chapp seems to have lived a really good life. Candace has been comforting her. Candace has taken a close-up look at Champ's photos Special connections are more important than anything.

In these images, father and daughter are always connected.




Celebrity Britney Spears is a very popular American singer. I like her very much. She is popular all over the world.

Her songs are familiar with the younger generation. She is famous for "baby again" and has set a record of millions of albums for her lovely face and sweet voice. However, she is known as kandikandi.

Her reputation has been damaged by too many rumors.




On Tuesday, Egypt's president appointed a young, little-known Water Minister to form a new government in Hesham Kandil, the youngest prime minister in Egypt's history. "My government will first be a government of technocrats, who told Egypt's national communications after meeting with Egyptian President Muhammad morsiham morsiham Kandil He will focus on the implementation of Mursi's plan. Kandil Mursi was educated in the United States, received a master's degree and a doctorate from the University of North Carolina, and joined the Egyptian government.

Three weeks after Mubarak's downfall, Kandil Hosni Mubarak was ousted. Before that, Kandil was appointed as the Ministry of irrigation and water resources under the leadership of prime minister sharam Sharaf He was a water resource expert at the African Development Bank and was involved in the Nile Basin Initiative According to his biography, Morse's appointment may disappoint business leaders who had hoped for someone with financial expertise to lead Egypt and its fragile economy. Other critics said he lacked the necessary political experience.

In last month's general election, Muslim Brotherhood candidate morsi defeated Ahmed shafik mu Barak's last prime minister, who won nearly half of the vote, resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood and its freedom and Justice Party shortly after the election results were announced, apparently to convey a message that he would represent the entire Egyptian people. He was sworn in in June, but the powerful Supreme Council of the armed forces holds legislative power. After the country's Supreme Court ruled that the parliament was elected under invalid laws, morsi tried to call the parliament to meet again, but the court reiterated its decision, so the military council retained the legislative power until the new Parliament was sworn in at the end of the year.


星期二,埃及总统任命一位年轻的、鲜为人知的水利部长在赫沙姆坎迪勒组建新政府,成为埃及历史上最年轻的总理赫沙姆·坎迪勒“我的政府首先将是一个由技术官僚组成的政府,他在会见埃及总统穆罕默德·穆尔西哈姆·穆尔西哈姆·坎迪勒后告诉埃及国家通讯社,他将集中精力实施穆尔西的计划,坎迪尔穆尔西在美国接受教育,在北卡罗来纳大学获得硕士和博士学位后,坎迪尔加入埃及政府穆巴拉克倒台三周后,坎迪尔胡斯尼·穆巴拉克被赶下台,在此之前,坎迪勒被任命为总理沙拉姆·沙拉夫领导下的灌溉和水资源部长,他曾是非洲开发银行(African Development Bank)的一名水资源专家,并参与了尼罗河流域倡议(Nile Basin Initiative),根据他的传记,莫尔斯的任命可能会让商界领袖失望,他们原本希望有一位具有金融专业知识的人来领导埃及及其脆弱的经济,其他批评者说,他缺乏必要的政治经验在上个月的总统选举决选中,穆斯林兄弟会候选人穆尔西击败了艾哈迈德·沙菲克·穆巴拉克的上一任总理,赢得了近半数的选票,穆尔西在年选举结果公布后不久就辞去了穆斯林兄弟会及其自由与正义党的职务这显然是为了传达一个信息,即他将代表全埃及人民。他于6月宣誓就职,但强大的武装部队最高委员会掌握着立法权,在该国最高法院裁定议会是在无效法律下当选后下令解散议会的穆尔西试图召集议会重新开会,但法院重申了其决定,因此军事委员会保留立法权,直到新议会在年底宣誓就职。

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