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From New Year's Eve to the Lantern Festival, more than half of the time in Beijing is affected by haze. People suffer a lot on the road because they can't see clearly and drive slowly. People also suffer from many diseases caused by smog.

Beijing's smog is caused by many factors, among them, the increase of cars plays an important role in the city, and the cars emit a lot of toxic gases, which in turn aggravates the already serious air pollution.




Haze has become a hot topic now, because it happens from time to time, it does make people's lives unbearable, so what do we need to know first, what is its harm to us, it is very harmful to our health, it makes our body vulnerable and weak, because the smoke will enter our body through our nose and mouth, it is not as a kind of other pollutants The way we do it affects our heart, lungs and respiratory system. Second, how does it happen? Factories, cars, garbage disposal are all sources. China's population is growing, so we have more and more factories.

Cars and garbage need to be disposed of. Third, when you go out in a foggy weather, don't exercise in the smoke. Stay indoors as long as possible When the smoke is gone, we have to do something to let it go and never come back.




In recent years, haze has become an imminent threat to most northerners in China. However, Chinese cities are facing an amazing speed of development with open arms. They are suffering from continuous and dense pollution.

It is time for us to take some measures to protect the environment and ourselves. Generally speaking, there are three effective methods. First of all, the government should seriously consider the urgency and seriousness of air pollution, and take measures, such as more use of public transport system and more use of energy-saving resources.

At the same time, with every effort made by individuals and the state, citizens should contribute to reducing pollution. At least, they should try to reduce the time of outdoor activities, especially in the air When air quality is not enough to meet the above requirements, in order to protect our air, we must bear in mind that no matter what we pay, we have to take it back for a long time, so we must reduce driving, reduce pollution, make more changes. Exposure to smoke is related to respiratory diseases, such as asthma and emphysema caused by smoke, public dissatisfaction, including people in statues Wearing anti pollution masks, Beijing's air pollution levels have reached dangerous levels in recent days.

Haze has seriously reduced visibility. Authorities have warned people to stay indoors and avoid strenuous exercise. Beijing was shrouded in severe smog a few weeks ago.

In the past year, vehicles emitted pollutants. In Beijing, after air pollution reached record levels, the worsening toxic smog in northern China became complete China's concerns. For years, many Chinese have shrugged off air quality concerns, or viewed smog as an inevitable side effect of development, and are now the focus of the middle class.



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